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20 OnlyFans Banned Words You Should Always Avoid

20 OnlyFans Banned Words You Should Always Avoid

With over 120 million registered users, OnlyFans is one of the world’s most popular subscription-based social content platforms. But did you know there are certain words you can’t use in your content as a creator? 

Avoiding these terms is critical to prevent OnlyFans from suspending or terminating your account. “OnlyFans banned my account” is something you never want to say to your subscribers. Learn 20 banned words and phrases and their variations below. Then, learn how they’re related to the benefits of working with an OnlyFans management agency

Why Does OnlyFans Ban Specific Words?

OnlyFans hasn’t published its list of forbidden terms. Nor has it said why it bans certain words and phrases on its website. However, the platform wants to protect its community and ensure users comply with the law. OnlyFans also encourages respect, safety, and accountability, among other values. 

That means you should be mindful when using certain text to promote your videos and communicate with subscribers. OnlyFans might restrict or even delete your account if you include prohibited terms in your profile description, wall posts, and even private messages to fans. Thankfully, you can avoid using words on OnlyFans’ banned words list with the latest technology. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Consequences of Using Banned Words on OnlyFans?

Using specific OnlyFans forbidden terms can result in an infraction on your account. For example, OnlyFans might warn you that you have violated its policies if you include a forbidden phrase in a private message to a subscriber. If you continue to use banned terms in your content, the website might suspend or even terminate your account.

OnlyFans doesn’t mention anything about using banned words in its Terms of Service. However, it does say it can suspend, restrict, or withdraw access to all or any part of its website for business or operational reasons. The company states it will try to give you notice about any suspension or withdrawal that affects you. 

If OnlyFans suspends, withdraws, or limits access to your account, you won’t be able to generate money from the website during this period. The platform may also withhold all or part of the earnings due to you that it hasn’t paid out. Plus, you won’t be able to communicate with fans who have subscribed to your account. That could spell the end of your OnlyFans career. 

Top 20 OnlyFans Banned Words and Variations You Must Avoid

Because OnlyFans doesn’t publish a lot of information about this topic, it’s difficult to know how many terms are on its censored words list. However, here are 20 words to avoid to keep your account in good standing, even if it’s centered around explicit material like hardcore bondage. You will notice variations of each term, which you should also refrain from using in your content. 

  1. Abduct, Abducting, Abducts
  2. Choke, Chokes, Choking
  3. Drink, Drinking, Drinks, Drunk, 
  4. Fist, Fists, Fisted, Fisting
  5. Forced, Forcedbi, Forceful, Forcing
  6. Genital mutilating, genital mutilation, 
  7. Hooker, Hookers
  8. Hypnotization, Hypnotize, Hypnotizes, Hypnotizing
  9. Incest, Incestuous 
  10. Jail, Jailbait
  11. Kidnap, Kidnaps, Kidnapped, Kidnapping
  12. Menstruate, Menstruates, Menstruating, Menstruation
  13. Molest, Molesting, Molests
  14. Pedo, Pedophile
  15. Defecate, Defecates, Excrement, Feces, Pee, Peeing, Piss, Urinate, Urine
  16. Rape, Rapes, Raping, Rapist
  17. Prostitute, Prostitutes, Prostituted, Prostituting, Prostitution 
  18. Suffocate, Suffocates, Suffocation
  19. Minor, Minors, Teen, Teenage, Teens, Underage
  20. Torture, Tortures, Torturing

As you can see, many of the words on this list have to do with illegal activity, which is against OnlyFans’ Terms of Service. Publishing illegal content on your profile can result in a suspension or outright ban. The company can also remove you from its platform for fraudulent activity or for promoting escort services.

OnlyFans might take action on your account if you try to bypass any of the terms on the blocked words list. For example, if you abbreviate “gangbang” as “g*ngb*ng.” You might also get in trouble for using emojis to represent banned words.

How To Scan Your OnlyFans Account for Banned Words

You could have already used prohibited terms in your account without knowing about the OnlyFans banned list. Scanning your content and then removing these phrases is a good idea. That will help you comply with OnlyFans’ policies and ensure you can continue to use the platform.

You could use “Control+F” (or “Command+F” on Mac computers) to search for OnlyFans restricted words on your pages and in private messages. However, this will be a long process. The easiest way to scan your account is with the Google Chrome extension oftoolbox/onlyfans-banned-words

This extension detects any words you use in your content that OnlyFans might frown upon so you can delete them quickly. This tool also helps prevent you from using banned terms in the future, keeping your account safe from potential restrictions. It’s free and lightweight, meaning it won’t slow down your browsing experience. Plus, it can help you stay in OnlyFans’ good books. 

Bullet-Proof Your OnlyFans With an OnlyFans Management Agency

It can be difficult to remember the OnlyFans banned words and phrases. So consider working with a management agency that can take care of your account for you. The right agency will monitor inappropriate content and confirm you comply with OnlyFans policies, including their banned word list. 

An OnlyFans management agency can benefit you in other ways, too. Professionals can optimize your profile and make your titles, bios, and descriptions appeal to your target audience. That can increase engagement with your subscribers and result in more revenue. An agency can also:

  • Track analytics for your account and discover which types of adult material resonate the most with fans.
  • Come up with innovative monetization strategies, such as promotions, co-authored content, and exclusive content.
  • Reply to fan messages and monitor comments on your wall posts.
  • Advertise your content across the internet, including on social media platforms, increasing fan payments.

Bluresca is a full-service management and digital marketing agency for OnlyFans creators like you. The Miami-based company can help you reach your full potential on the platform and handle all the tasks of being a creator, such as marketing, management, production, and anti-piracy. Representing some of the most successful models on OnlyFans, Bluresca has the experience you need to take your content to the next level. 

Contact Bluresca now to learn more about how to grow your brand on OnlyFans.

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