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4 OnlyFans Metrics You Should Be Tracking

4 OnlyFans Metrics You Should Be Tracking

The average OnlyFans creator earns around $180 per month. It can be a nice secondary source of income, but it’s not enough for most of us to live on. If you intend to make adult content creation your full-time job, you’ll have to do better than the average model on OnlyFans to make it happen.

Tracking the right metrics can help you succeed by giving you the necessary insights to make more informed decisions. We highlight four key OnlyFans metrics you should track and discuss why these are so important.

Why Is Tracking OnlyFans Metrics So Crucial?

Users are only willing to spend so much on subscription fees for adult content every month. This makes OnlyFans a competitive platform. You need to stand out from other models to generate enough monthly earnings to do this work full-time.

That’s why metrics are so important. They give you hard data to show you how your performance evolves in critical areas like subscriber growth and OnlyFans revenue. If you pay attention to these metrics, you gain much greater insight into your performance on OnlyFans relative to past performances and other content creators.

You can also use metrics as a guide to becoming a better creator. For example, you can test a new type of content and watch how your earnings and subscriber count change after sharing it. If you notice an uptick, you would want to try sharing more of that content in the future to see if it increases your earnings long-term.

Tracking your OnlyFans metrics can be the foundation for long-term success on the platform. You just need to make sure you’re paying attention to the right data streams.

4 Key Metrics You Should Track From Your OnlyFans and Why

When tracking OnlyFans analytics, it can be helpful to group different metrics into a few distinct performance categories. We look at four of these categories below and highlight some metrics worth tracking as you work to maximize creator earnings on the platform.

1. Account Performance Metrics

First up, we’re looking at account performance metrics. These tell you how well your OnlyFans account and posts perform within the platform. For example, some of the metrics that matter in this category include:

  • Subscribers gained and lost
  • Total content views
  • Free and paid post performance
  • Top sources of traffic
  • Highest earning posts
  • Peak online times for your subscribers
  • Other metrics that focus on user data or fan engagement

Fortunately, you can find many of these directly on OnlyFans by visiting your statistics page. Here, you’ll find metrics like subscriber count, engagement stats, revenue data, and view counts.

However, if you want complete insight into your account performance, you may need to connect your OnlyFans to a third-party tool for analytics. Doing so will give you more OnlyFans user stats you can use to optimize your page and improve your business model.

2. Subscriber Related Metrics

There are also a variety of subscriber-based metrics worth tracking. Following these will give you insight into how loyal individual fans are. You can use that information to make better decisions about who you engage through messaging and share your higher-value content with.

Some useful metrics in this category include:

  • User subscription status
  • Total amount spent on your content
  • Last activity date
  • Subscription renewal date
  • Follower demographics
  • Loyalty and churn rates
  • Subscriber locations

Once again, some of these stats are available within the OnlyFans platform, while you’ll need third-party tools to track others. For example, you can visit the stats section of your creator dashboard to see how individual subscribers found your profile, what country they’re from, and how much they’ve paid to view your content.

3. Engagement and Messaging-Specific Metrics

It can also be helpful to dive into some of your engagement metrics. These give you a sense of how good your posts and messages are in getting people to engage with you and your content. If your engagement rates aren’t very high, you could try new types of messages and posts as you work to change that.

Some key metrics in this category include:

  • Message response rates
  • Auto-message performance
  • Pay-per-view (PPV) opens

If these metrics aren’t where you want them, do some experimentation. For example, send a private message different from what you’ve sent your subscribers before. Then, see how they respond to your new style. If the engagement is strong, try a similar post in the future to see if you can repeat the performance and unlock a new level of engagement permanently. Once your engagement is high enough, you may even be able to increase your subscription price.

4. Financial Metrics Related to Your Account’s Growth

Don’t forget to track financial metrics like OnlyFans income. Financial metrics help you understand how your subscriber engagement work translates into OnlyFans earnings. Some metrics to track in this category include:

  • Total revenue
  • Revenue per subscriber
  • Earnings by content type
  • Tip and PPV revenue

You can look at your account performance page to track these metrics over time. Remember, if you’re not happy with your figures, try new things. You never know what will spark a new level of interest in your fans.

How To Make Data-Driven Decisions From Goal-Oriented Metrics

There’s sometimes a disconnect between tracking metrics and using them to achieve your goals. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we’ve outlined a three-step process you can use to leverage the power of metrics to build a better OnlyFans career.

1. Know Your Goals

You should begin by getting more specific about what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to find new subscribers, increase your average earnings per fan, or generate more traffic from TikTok.

Be specific In naming your goals so you can work to improve the right metrics.

2. Identify The Metrics That Align With Your Goal

Once you know your goal, the next step is determining which metrics you should track while pursuing it. For example, if you want to increase your average earnings per fan, then revenue per fan would be the perfect metric for you to track. 

But if you want to generate more traffic on TikTok, it would be better to look at where your OnlyFans traffic is coming from so you can try to increase the percentage of fans coming from TikTok over time by sharing exclusive content offerings using another strategy.

3. Adapt and Continue Using Strategies That Work

At this point, you know your goal and the metrics to track as you work toward it. The only thing left to do is implement new strategies to see how they impact the metrics that matter most to you. 

For example, partnering with an OnlyFans management agency that can help with collaborations can help you find new subscribers. You can try this tactic and see if your subscribers increase after new collaborations to assess whether the strategy works.

Don’t worry if the first thing you try doesn’t work. There are other ways to learn about your audience’s content preferences and work toward your goals. You may just have to cycle through a few things before you find what works for you.

Unlock Growth Opportunities With Reliable OnlyFans Management

Tracking the right metrics can do wonders for your OnlyFans growth. But that’s not the only way to earn more on the platform. You can also leverage industry experts to discover new strategies, find more collaborations, and increase your OnlyFans earnings per subscriber.

Bluresca can help you achieve OnlyFans success. We are OnlyFans experts who help models across the world take their OnlyFans careers to the next level. Get in touch with us for a free consultation, and we’ll tell you more about what we can do for you.

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