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6 Types Of Content On OnlyFans

6 Types Of Content On OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers users a wide range of content, including makeup tutorials, livestreams, and erotic feet pics. Mixing up the photos and videos you share on OnlyFans can help you stand out to different subscribers and further monetize your craft.

There are many popular types of OnlyFans posts. Becoming a pro at developing and posting each can make your profile stand out from the crowd.

What Kind of Content Is on OnlyFans?

Creators share various types of content on OnlyFans, from not-safe-for-work (NSFW) videos to ordinary posts about daily life. These span many niches and interests, including fashion, cosplay, fitness, cooking, and more. 

Photos and videos are the most common types of OnlyFans content. You can share these on your main feed, through direct messages, behind paywalls, and more. Most adult content creators mix up their types of content to attract wider audiences and boost revenue. Additionally, pay-per-view (PPV) content and direct messages can protect your content by letting you limit and track who accesses it. 

Top 6 Types of Content on OnlyFans and Their Purpose

OnlyFans users expect diverse content on OnlyFans, especially when paying for subscriptions. Mixing up your OnlyFans post ideas can make your content stand out and keep your audience hooked. 

1. Photos and Videos

Like most social media platforms, videos and photos are critical to a strong OnlyFans presence. However, these content types vary drastically based on your niche and audience. 

Your OnlyFans photos and videos should be high-quality and unique — including your selfies and candid content. Pay attention to your lighting, framing, and camera model, especially for premium content. Most importantly, mix up your scenery, camera angles, and OnlyFans photo ideas to keep subscribers invested. 

Adult-Content Categories

Adult content on OnlyFans ranges in interests, quality, and levels of explicitness. Many creators focus on specific OnlyFans categories, such as roleplay and couples content, while others mix things up with each post. 

The most common types of videos and photos in adult categories include:

  • Selfies
  • Feet pics
  • Couples content
  • Roleplay content
  • BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, sadism, masochism)
  • JOI (jerk-off instructions)
  • Audio recordings

You should generally label your NSFW content by category, especially if it’s price-locked. For example, videos featuring more than one creator often include “B/G” (boy/girl), “G/G” (girl/girl), or other acronyms in their descriptions. 

Non-Adult Content Categories

Many OnlyFans creators don’t focus on adult topics at all. Instead, they highlight their daily lives, hobbies, and careers. Even adult-focused creators often include non-adult content to spotlight their niches and keep their profiles active.

Non-adult OnlyFans photos and videos include:

  • Before and after photos
  • Wardrobe photos
  • Food pics
  • Tutorial videos
  • Fitness videos
  • Vlogs
  • BTS (behind-the-scenes) content

2. Direct Messages (DMs) and Custom Content

Direct messaging is one of the best ways to build and maintain your subscriber base. Messages can include photos, live stream reminders, “sexts,” or even just a few words. Whatever you send, direct messages can keep your audience active and engaged without filling up your feed. Plus, since messages are private, intimate conversations within your DMs can easily lead to tips and custom content requests. 

Most subscribers will usually pay more for custom content they’ve personally requested, especially if it’s exclusive to them. This type of high-quality content is excellent for maintaining subscribers and fans. Plus, unlike other PPV photos and videos, you’re generally guaranteed to get paid for personalized content. Many OnlyFans creators post “menus” that list the custom content they’re comfortable with and their estimated prices. 

Beyond custom requests, creators often use DMs to send their more erotic content, such as videos with nudity or partners. Keeping your explicit content in your messages can help you protect your intellectual property by only offering it to your current subscribers. 

3. Live Streams

Depending on your audience, OnlyFans live streams are some of the best ways to earn fast revenue. For example, many OnlyFans creators gain subscribers from Twitch and other stream-based platforms. Since these subscribers are already acquainted with live streams, they’ll be more likely to tune in at specific times. 

Depending on your settings, you can either make your live streams available to all current subscribers or make them pay-per-view. Plus, viewers can leave tips during the stream, and you can make the full video available later to anyone who missed it. This gives you multiple quick ways to roll in the cash. 

Plan your live streams well in advance and remind subscribers as each stream approaches to attract as many viewers as possible. Check out your accounts’ analytics to see when most users are active, and create polls to see which days and times work for your viewers. 

Consider creating tip goals to make the most of your time on camera. These “goals” designate activities, such as losing an article of clothing, for certain dollar amounts. Putting tip goals in the live stream caption can make viewers more likely to leave tips, especially if your goals are realistic to your audience. 

4. Status Updates

Like on Facebook or X (formerly Twitter), your status updates don’t need to be anything fancy. These can include standard updates about your day, flirtatious questions, or selfies that tease upcoming content. Prioritize topics that will get people to respond, such as trends, advice, and easy-to-answer questions. 

Status updates are crucial for keeping your OnlyFans profile active, such as when you’re editing a high-end photoshoot. This way, you can keep yourself on your subscribers’ minds and keep a recent post at the top of your page.

5. PPV Content

Pay-per-view content is only available to subscribers who pay to unlock them. These price walls encourage viewers to spend more and effectively protect your content by limiting the number of people who see it. Even if you already charge a monthly subscription, occasional PPV posts are a great way to make extra revenue from your most in-demand content. 

Under the platform’s current policy, OnlyFans PPV posts can’t exceed $50 in price. However, you can add price locks up to $100 in direct messages and ask new subscribers for tips up to $200. These give you plenty of ways to share different premium content at prices you’re comfortable with. 

6. Promotional Content

Promotional content for other social media platforms can help you attract a wider fan base. Of course, anything you post on other apps should follow their content guidelines. Depending on the platform, even a photo with partial nudity can get your account removed — especially if you attach your OnlyFans links. 

You usually don’t have to stray too far away from your OnlyFans niches on other platforms. For example, if you focus primarily on fitness, you could run Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts dedicated to your workout regime. However, keep some of your OnlyFans content exclusive to maintain your subscribers. Discover the best OnlyFans hashtags for each platform to help your posts stand out.

The 5 OnlyFans Content Ideas You Should Consider

Your photos and videos, including your promotional content on other platforms, should feel authentic to your OnlyFans image. This requires time, practice, and a deep understanding of your audience’s interests. Fortunately, some of the best OnlyFans strategies may easily fit your content creation process. 

1. Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

BTS photos and videos are a great way to add more content to your OnlyFans page without going too far out of your way. These can include long-form videos of you in your element or short photos that show how you create your content.

Behind-the-scenes posts can make your profile feel more authentic to the “OnlyFans” brand. Plus, they may easily fit your niche. For instance, if you focus on fashion or cosplay, you could capture behind-the-scenes videos as you create your wardrobe. 

BTS photos often work well as teaser content to promote upcoming paid posts. However, you can even offer your BTS posts as your profile’s primary content. For instance, if you’re known for TikTok videos, you could use your OnlyFans to show off your production processes. This is a great way to juggle your OnlyFans ideas with other social media platforms without overlapping or running out of content. 

2. Try Cosplays and Roleplaying

Exploring cosplay, roleplay, and other creative-based niches can expand your content creation process and your audience. Many creators focus solely on cosplay because of its popularity and the ease with which they can attract fans from specific fandoms. 

OnlyFans cosplayers create customized costumes and wardrobes based on subscribers’ favorite characters. They often share BTS content, polls, and teaser content as they go. When finished, they post their cosplay content on most social media platforms but reserve the lewd photos for their OnlyFans followers. This is a great way to attract viewers across different apps while keeping your OnlyFans content exclusive and on-brand. 

Cosplay and roleplay content often go hand in hand since they both feature costumes and alternate identities. Outside of videos, many OnlyFans cosplayers roleplay by simply writing their photo captions in the character they’re dressed as. Of course, you don’t need a character or a costume to get into roleplaying. The best approach will depend on your target audience. 

3. Engage in Vital Trends and Challenges

Internet trends, such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” the Dune popcorn bucket, and specific TikTok filters, are some of the simplest ways to attract viewership. These videos can almost feel addictive to watch, as most creators react differently to each trend. 

Though trendy videos can easily engage your current OnlyFans audience, they may be even more beneficial on other platforms. Social media algorithms notoriously over-prioritize videos and posts similar to what users have previously engaged with. Jumping on popular trends and challenges can help you turn these annoying algorithms to your advantage. 

For instance, if somebody watched five TikTok videos in a row with a specific filter or audio, those videos may take every other slot on their “For You” page. Any videos you make with that filter or audio will be much more likely to appear in their feed. 

4. Share Feet Pics With Your Loyal Fans

Feet pics are trendy on OnlyFans and are a great way to boost tips and PPV sales. It’s not just the fetish community that makes this type of content so popular — most adult creators price these photos lower than their other content, causing them to sell much faster.

Consider posting your feet albums and individual picture prices in your tip menu, and mention if your feet are included in any PPV content. Of course, a key part of this is avoiding “free feet pics” on your other social media platforms and unpaid OnlyFans account. 

5. Do Product Reviews and Makeup Tutorials

Many OnlyFans creators join affiliate and sponsorship programs that offer them free products — and often some bonus revenue — in exchange for product promotions. However, you’ll usually need to gain a solid number of followers first.

Consider any products relevant to your niche, such as makeup, clothing, gaming equipment, and adult toys. Talk to other content creators in your network, especially those already part of affiliate programs. Then, once you have a decent subscriber base, reach out to affiliate programs that fit your content.

Your product review can be just a few photos or an in-depth tutorial that shows you in your element. If you’re part of an official program, follow any guidelines or requirements you’re given, and keep things relatively positive when possible.

Discover How To Monetize Your Exclusive Content With Bluresca

Even if you’re already making money on OnlyFans, you may easily make more with the right content strategy. As a full-service OnlyFans management and marketing agency, Bluresca can help you boost your monetization goals with each post. Our managers keep up with the changes in trends, algorithms, and interests and can help you plan accordingly. We do all the leg work, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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