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7 OnlyFans Welcome Message Ideas To Engage Subscribers

7 OnlyFans Welcome Message Ideas To Engage Subscribers

The OnlyFans platform doesn’t create welcome messages for you, so you have an opportunity to create a unique and memorable greeting that can improve engagement with followers and encourage them to subscribe to your account for longer. 

You don’t have to send a welcome message on OnlyFans, but it creates a good first impression. Even a simple “Hey, welcome to my channel! Thanks for subscribing. Are you ready to have some fun?” can go a long way.

We’ve got seven OnlyFans welcome message ideas to get you started.

Why Are Welcome Messages Important on OnlyFans?

A welcome greeting is the first touchpoint between you and a new subscriber, letting you introduce yourself and your channel to that person.

Creating a personalized greeting for each new follower who joins your channel can make them special and eager to view your content. However, automating these messages can be just as effective for establishing new relationships with fans. Many won’t know that all your subscribers receive the same introduction. 

Setting Up Your OnlyFans Welcome Message

Creating OnlyFans automated messages is pretty simple: 

  • Log into your account
  • Head over to your OnlyFans profile 
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Chats”
  • Select “Send a welcome message to new fans”

Here, you can create a greeting, which OnlyFans will deliver to new followers after subscribing to your account. You can send fans a text message, photo, video, GIF, voice note, or other types of media. Change your mind later? You can update your message at any time. 

Top 7 OnlyFans Welcome Message Ideas for High Engagement

Your welcome greeting doesn’t have to be very long. You might just want to say hello to new fans or quickly tell them about the type of content you make. Regardless of what you want to say, you can offer a well-crafted welcome message that increases engagement by following these seven tips.

1. Create a Personalized Welcome

While most adult content creators on OnlyFans set up automated messages, a message from a real person can be very effective. You can create custom greetings for people who subscribe to your channel. It’s easy. Just click on a follower’s profile and then hit the message icon near the top of the screen. You can only send text and a photo and/or GIF if you use this method. 

Because you can’t include the names of followers in automated greetings, a custom message could be more effective for engagement. You’ll be able to address that person directly and let them know you care about their subscription. 

To make your messages even more special, you can compliment a fan if they have a profile picture. You could include something short but sweet, like “I love your glasses” or “Great style.” 

Here are some examples of personalized welcome greetings:

  • “Hey, James! Welcome to my private world! I know we’ll have a great time together. Cool style, BTW. x”
  • Hi, Kennedy. You look like you want to have some fun! I’ve got a load of amazing content for you to explore. So look around, and let me know what you think.”

2. Use an Automatic Message That Expresses Your Gratitude

You can always thank fans for following your channel and spending their hard-earned money on your content. A tried-and-true “thank you” can let your fans know you care about them and enjoy taking photos and creating videos for them. 

An auto-welcoming message doesn’t have to sound generic. Instead of using someone’s first name in your greetings, try something like “babe” or “sexy” to set the mood and build engagement. Here are a couple of automated OnlyFans welcome message examples:

  • “Hey, babe! Thanks for the sub! Really appreciate it. I can’t do what I do without people like you.” 
  • “Welcome! Your follow means a lot, so have a big kiss from me.”

3. Include an Exclusive Content Teaser

Premium content can be a huge money-spinner. People often pay extra cash for these images and videos. So why not tell new OnlyFans followers about your offerings in a welcome message? You might want to advertise an exclusive pay-per-view video, behind-the-scenes content, or invite-only livestream to generate additional income. Adding a preview of your adult content in your introduction will further increase engagement. 

Take a look at these messages for inspiration:

  • “Hey, thanks for subscribing! I’d love to connect with you on a deeper level. Want me to create a custom video for you?”
  • “Did you know you’re my favorite new follower? That’s why I’m inviting you to an exclusive livestream I’m hosting next week. Message me back for more details.”

4. Highlight Subscriber Benefits and Exclusive Perks

Showcasing your channel’s biggest benefits in a welcome message for OnlyFans can be a smart move. Fans might feel more engaged with your channel if they know what value they get from their subscription. Here are some examples:

  • “Hi, sexy, thanks for the follow. I’ll be posting three new images and a new video every week. Sounds good, right?”
  • “Thanks for being here! While other models charge extra for their best stuff, you’ll get access to all my content as part of your sub. That’s a promise!”

5. Encourage Your Fans To Message You

There’s nothing better than communication for engaging your fans. Asking fans in a welcome message to reach out can make them feel like they have a personal relationship with you, encouraging them to renew their monthly sub. Here are some OnlyFans message ideas you might want to try:

  • “So glad you’re here with me. I’d love to get to know you a little better. Send me a DM, and we’ll take it from there.”
  • “Welcome, baby! We need to connect! You can send me a message any time, and I promise to reply as soon as I can.”

Try to keep this customer communication unique so fans don’t feel like they’re just getting OnlyFans mass messages.

6. Promise Exclusive Updates and Insights

If you already upload content on other sites, subscribers will want to know what makes your OnlyFans special. If you post videos exclusive to the platform or offer insights people can’t find anywhere else, tell fans all about it in your welcome introduction. This type of message can drive more engagement for your channel and make followers feel they are getting value for money. For example:

  • “A huge thanks for subscribing. My promise to you: You’ll only find brand-new content on my OnlyFans. I hope you enjoy it!”
  • “OnlyFans is my main home! That means you’ll find stuff on here that’s nowhere else on the internet. That’s a guarantee.” 

7. Welcome Them to Your Amazing Fan Community

Your followers are a community that shares a common interest — you! Making your fans feel like they are part of a larger group might increase their time on your platform and encourage them to chat with other members in the comments section of your posts. 

The welcome message examples below play into the community aspect of your channel:

  • “Hey, hottie. You’re not just another subscriber but a member of our little OnlyFans community! I hope you like it here as much as everyone else does.”
  • “You’re part of my exclusive community — a place where I can let loose and go wild. I think you’re going to love it around here!”

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