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8 Best Editing Apps for OnlyFans

8 Best Editing Apps for OnlyFans

With OnlyFans’ customers spending over $5 billion in 2022, it’s clear that a motivated content creator can earn plenty on the platform. However, that’s only possible with professional quality content. This is true no matter your niche or focus as a model.

You don’t need training as a professional photographer or video editor just to create content that helps you stand out on OnlyFans. There are dozens of tools that make the editing process easy for everyone. Using the right filters and editing apps can grow your fan base and help you engage customers with content that captivates.

There’s no need to spend your precious time testing all the best editing apps for OnlyFans yourself. You’ll find eight of the best options for editing both photos and video in this list to level up your content game.

What Do OnlyFans Creators Use To Edit Videos and Content?

There’s no one perfect OnlyFans filter that magically makes every photo pop. Some tools work best for adjusting video content, while others are great for color correction and sharpening still photos. Most OnlyFans models will need apps for both, but if you only focus on a single type of content, you’ll still find plenty of recommendations here. Find out what each app or software offers in terms of features, unique benefits, and pricing options.

8 Best Editing Apps for OnlyFans Used by Expert Creators


The mobile version is the most widely used form of Visual Supply Company (VSCO), but there is also a desktop option if you’re more comfortable using that kind of equipment. It’s both a powerful photo editor and an intuitive OnlyFans video editor. VSCO is also a popular way to make collages and GIFs that help you advertise your content on social media. Advanced security ensures the content you upload to the platform for editing isn’t at risk of unauthorized access or misuse.

Use the built-in camera to take smartphone photos with better pre-set results, or edit material you’ve shot with one of the best cameras for OnlyFans. One-step improvements for saturation, color balance, and more streamline the editing process so you can spend more time making content. Practice with the basic editing tools for free and upgrade to VSCO Plus for $29.99 a year or VSCO Pro for $59.99.

2. Adobe Lightroom

One of the best editing apps for OnlyFans is also used by professional photographers to manage and edit all sorts of content. It has advanced editing tools for photos and basic filters for video clips. Set up one-click pre-sets to quickly tear through photo sets with dozens of images that need the same adjustments. When you need to make more in-depth edits to a specific photo, this app has all the tools you need for disguising blemishes or brightening your smile.

Storage and management options are built in so you’ll spend less time finding photos and making sure they’re posted. Start with a seven-day free trial to see if it’s right for you, then subscribe for $9.99 a month or $119.88 a year.

3. Snapseed

Available for mobile use only, Snapseed is one of the best completely free photo editing apps. It was developed by Google and features a user-friendly interface that gets you familiar with the editing process as quickly as possible. While it’s lighter on advanced tools than an option like Adobe Lightroom, combining a free price tag with over a dozen filters makes it worth having in your arsenal.

Fine-tune the effects and save your favorite filters to get through batch editing with less struggle. Snapseed doesn’t offer any video editing tools, but it’ll help you make the most of your OnlyFans photos and social media content.

4. Canva

Some of the basic tools you need for running a successful model account on OnlyFans aren’t just for photo and video editing. You must also create a wide range of social media posts that tease your content without giving away the best parts. This service is great for creating all kinds of graphics and text-based advertisements that draw in new subscribers. Canva also has such helpful video editing tools that OnlyFans actively recommends it to creators.

The free subscription to Canva will work for getting started with creating materials for advertising your account. If you subscribe to the Pro level for $120 a year, you’ll gain access to more advanced video editing tools and plenty of templates to speed up your work. OnlyFans automatically watermarks the content you post with them, but you’ll want to use Canva’s watermark feature on any teaser content that only goes on social media.

5. Afterlight

When you want to make stunning content but you’re starting out with a tight budget, try Afterlight. It’s an app that costs only $2.99 a month, $17.99 a year, or $35 for lifetime access. You can test out the photo adjustment tools for just a few dollars before committing to spending any more. The built-in camera gives you professional controls over shutter speed and ISO for better results when shooting. Once your photos and videos are ready for editing, the preset filters and fine-tuning settings help you make everything pop.

6. Facetune

Facetune is known for having filters that can transform your whole look, so it’s no wonder it’s popular for editing spicy visual content. You can smooth and brighten your entire body when you edit nudes without having to do everything by hand. This app is mobile only, but it’s so easy to use that a full-sized monitor isn’t needed.

You can experiment with the best filter for nudes and even upgrade your makeup with one click. There is a free option, but consider the paid subscription for access to more advanced tools and filters. The cost ranges from $5.99 a month for a basic subscription to $59.99 a year for Pro access.

7. Picsart

Picsart has a full suite of basic editing tools for both videos and photo sets. But it also goes deeper with AI-powered filters and tools that can remove the background of a photo and swap in something new. The intuitive interface makes it easy to learn, while the interesting features help you spice up your content and break out of the mold.

Drop in stickers to block out something or watermark your content with a click. While many of the tools are designed with product photos or promo images in mind, they also work great for OnlyFans content. Layers help you preserve details as you work. Choose between desktop or mobile versions of the app, or try them both. Picsart costs nothing to start. Monthly options range from $13 to $15 a month for access to AI tools and templates, while yearly subscriptions cost from $60 to $84.

8. Inshot

Some parts of the content creation process take longer than others. If you’re trying to watermark a video or want to censor a clip manually, not all video editing apps can help. Inshot is one of the must-have OnlyFans tools simply because it simplifies many of the tasks you’ll do as a content creator. In addition to offering powerful video editing tools, it’s a great mobile app for quick touch-ups on photos. It’s only $3.99 a month, $17.99 a year, or $34.99 for lifetime access.

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