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8 OnlyFans Keywords You Should Include in Your Profile

8 OnlyFans Keywords You Should Include in Your Profile

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, OnlyFans skyrocketed in popularity. It currently has millions of creators and hundreds of millions of users, and those numbers are growing consistently.

The pandemic created the perfect opportunity for creators to use the platform to not just create explicit content, but to form a connection with their audiences at a time when everyone was locked inside.

Today, with so many creators on the site, you need to cultivate your profile so it stands out. A good place to start is by optimizing your profile with popular and relevant Onlyfans keywords.

Why Should You Optimize Your OnlyFans Profile for Keywords?

There are over three million content creators on OnlyFans, and of those, the top 1% makes 33% of the company’s income. The average content creator on OnlyFans only pulls in around $150-$180 per month.

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and shoot to the top of the OnlyFans rankings is by optimizing your OnlyFans profile for keywords. 

Keywords are words or phrases that users search to find specific content they’re looking for. Search engines pick up on these keywords and show pages with those keywords to the user. Adding popular keywords to your page is part of search engine optimization, which is the process of fine-tuning your content so your page will rank higher in search results.

On OnlyFans, users will use keywords to find OnlyFans profiles that match the type of content they’re looking for. By incorporating popular keywords into your OnlyFans bio and content captions, you’ll be able to appear higher in the OnlyFans search, reach a wider audience, and draw in more potential subscribers.

8 Relevant Keywords You Should Include in Your Profile and Why

While using OnlyFans keywords can help you reach a broader audience, it can also help you find your target audience. Using keywords, the OnlyFans search engine will connect you with users searching for the content type that you offer.

Below, we’ve listed eight of the best OnlyFans keywords to include in your profile to rise to the top of the OnlyFans search and gain a larger audience.    

1. Exclusive Content

Everyone loves to feel special, and one of the best ways to make your audience feel special is through exclusive content they’ll get when they become a paying subscriber.

If you offer exclusive content, it’s important you use this keyword so users who view one piece of content will know there’s plenty of content in store if they subscribe. 

While the core of OnlyFans is subscription-based, not every creator offers exclusive content with this model. Using the “exclusive content” keyword tells your audience that if they subscribe, they can come back regularly for top-tier content they can’t get anywhere else.

2. Behind the Scenes

Another thing that makes users feel special is having access to behind-the-scenes content. Behind-the-scenes content is often exclusive content that shows your audience what you’re like when you aren’t performing. 

This allows subscribers to get a view into your personal life and your off-camera personality, which in turn creates a connection. As a result, “behind the scenes” is a popular OnlyFans content search. Common types of behind-the-scenes content include showing your creative process, what your typical day looks like, or what the business side of your page entails.

If you offer behind-the-scenes content, using that keyword will help you show in OnlyFans creators search results over other OnlyFans accounts that don’t offer this type of content. 

3. Custom Content

Aside from subscriptions, one of the best ways to make money on OnlyFans is by offering custom content to your viewers. This is a chance for you to charge a premium price for content that a specific viewer wants to see.

Custom content can range from wearing a specific outfit, performing a specific act, or highlighting a specific body part. Taking custom requests helps you connect with your audience and learn more about what they want to see.

Not everyone offers custom content, so if you’re a creator who does, you want to make sure you use that keyword in your profile. This directs those looking for custom content with the OnlyFans creator search to your page.

4. Daily Updates

To be successful on OnlyFans, you’ll need to post frequently and consistently. For those trying to grow their audience, this often means posting daily or even multiple times a day. 

This doesn’t mean you need to create new content every day, but you’ll need to upload new content and interact with your audience daily. And you can’t just upload anything; your content needs to be high-quality and tailored to your audience’s interest. Your subscribers need to feel they’re getting value from their subscriptions.

The more often you post, the better chance you have to gain subscribers. By using the “daily updates” keyword, an Onlyfans searcher looking for frequent content will be more likely to find your account.

5. Premium Access

The keyword “premium access” is a lot like “exclusive content.” It makes your audience feel like they’re part of something special when they subscribe.

There’s no doubt words have power, and the term “premium” is no exception. It’s an alluring word that brings to mind VIP lounges, vintage wines, and luxury goods. Choosing the term “premium access” lets your audience know they’re getting special access to high-quality content.

6. Real Time

Another popular way to create revenue on OnlyFans is to host a live stream and sell tickets. During a live stream, you’re on camera in real time while you model and interact with fans.

Creators who frequently go live should use the keyword “real time” to convey to their audience that they often produce content in real time. This tells viewers that you’re someone who engages with your audience and offers exclusive content.

7. Adult Content

Not all content on OnlyFans is explicit content, although much of it is. All kinds of content creators can post to the site, and other popular types of content include fitness, music, and fashion content.

For those who do post explicit content, using a keyword like “adult content” will help your rankings in the OnlyFans user search. 

By tagging your content as adult content, users will know exactly what to expect when they go through your profile. This simple keyword tells them immediately if you offer the type of content they’re seeking.

8. High-Quality Content

The quality of your content is one way you can distinguish yourself from other models on OnlyFans. 

Users who are paying a subscription to view your content expect that content to be high-quality. Your posts need to be worth paying for, meaning you’ll likely need to invest in equipment like a good-quality digital camera, a tripod, and a ring light.

You may also need to spend extra time editing photos and video so that they’re the quality that your audience expects. While this is extra work, it can really pay off in the long run.

By using the keyword “high quality,” you’re telling your audience that you value their subscription and that they can expect top-tier content when they subscribe to you.

How Bluresca Helps Adult Content Creators Reach Their Audience

Using OnlyFans keywords to optimize your profile is only one part of cultivating your OnlyFans presence. Bluresca is here to help you improve your reach and attract more subscribers. We’re a full-service management and digital marketing agency that can help you realize your full potential on OnlyFans and other social media platforms.

Contact us today to learn how Bluresca can help you fulfill your content creator dreams.

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