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8 Tips for Going Live on OnlyFans for the First Time

8 Tips for Going Live on OnlyFans for the First Time

OnlyFans livestreams are among the best ways to engage with subscribers, earn extra income, and create exclusive content. However, it’s not as simple as hitting “Go Live,” especially if you want to maximize your monetization. If you want to be one of the most successful OnlyFans models, learn the best tips for going live on OnlyFans.

What Are the Benefits of Live Streaming?

Going live on OnlyFans is an excellent opportunity to engage with your subscribers and earn extra income from different types of content. Depending on how well you plan, you can often rake in hundreds or thousands of dollars a day, especially when you implement tip menus and goals. Plus, you can get paid for every view during premium streams. 

Live OnlyFans videos are also ideal for engaging with your audience. Your subscribers may be more likely to pay for content, stay subscribed, and make special requests if they feel more connected to your page. For example, if you have a free and a paid OnlyFans account, going live on your free account may encourage potential subscribers to pay for both profiles. 

8 Tips To Make Your Live Streams on OnlyFans a Success

OnlyFans livestreaming can entertain paid subscribers, tease “freeloaders,” and help you earn extra tips. Livestreams don’t even need to include explicit content — simply being on camera doing something you love can boost engagement and encourage fans to keep their monthly subscriptions. 

1. Promote Your Stream in Advance

Not all subscribers have their email or push notifications turned on. You can’t always rely on the OnlyFans platform to promote your livestreams. Instead, you should post about them at least a few days in advance to keep your subscribers informed. Some loyal subscribers may plan ahead of time to watch it.

Models should decide if they want to offer a free or paid livestream before promoting the event. Paid streams are a great way to avoid “freeloaders” and guarantee income rather than solely relying on tips. However, your subscribers may be upset if they log in to watch and find out they always have to pay. Being upfront about your premium content is crucial in retaining your subscriber count. 

2. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Equipment

Your equipment, including your camera, microphone, lighting, props, and backgrounds, is critical to making high-quality content. A video with too many pixels or poor audio quality will make most users quickly swipe away. Test everything before going live on OnlyFans to confirm everything is in working order. Consider investing in OnlyFans webcams, ring lights, and other specialized gear for streaming. 

If you’re new to OnlyFans, you should also use this step to certify your account is set up for livestreams. OnlyFans requires at least five active subscribers, five recent posts, and tangible activity on your feed. You should also give your browser permission to access your microphone and camera to avoid any last-minute technical issues. 

Your browser and internet connection may create additional issues during your OnlyFans livestream, so you should double-check these, too. OnlyFans recommends Safari for iOS users and Google Chrome for Android users, though most browsers should work on desktops. 

The OnlyFans streaming feature also lets you gauge your internet as you go. You have a strong connection if you see a green circle at the bottom of your livestream page. However, if the circle is yellow or red, your internet may need your attention before you go live or during your next break. 

3. Plan Your Stream Ahead of Time

What you do during your live OnlyFans video is up to you — it may even be something requested in private messages. Whatever type of content you stream, you should plan it thoroughly ahead of time. This includes:

  • Putting your props, outfits, and equipment together
  • Testing camera angles
  • Adjusting lighting
  • Identifying distracting noises and other potential issues
  • Choosing the best time to go live
  • Writing your live video’s captions and tip menus

Downtime should be avoided wherever possible during OnlyFans live videos. Even one minute away from the camera may cause viewers to swipe away. Planning your streams beforehand certifies you’re ready to do everything in real time. 

4. Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is one of the main focuses of livestreams by getting subscribers more involved with your account. Reasonably, many of the followers who watch livestreams enjoy personal interactions. Reaching out to your subscribers through direct messages, frequent posts, and active comment threads will help spread the word about your stream. 

5. Set a Tip Goal

Tip goals are a popular way to encourage viewers to spend a bit of money during your stream. Most adult content creators incorporate rewards, such as specific outfits, into their goals, incentivizing viewers to tip more. This may have a bandwagon effect that encourages more people to tip once they see others doing it, especially as they approach the goal. Many creators also use “tip menus” to designate certain rewards or reactions based on how much each person tips. 

One of the most significant challenges with tip goals is making them achievable yet worthwhile. For instance, if you give your OnlyFans livestream a goal of $5,000 when you only have 10 subscribers, you likely won’t get many tips. Consider your total subscriber count combined with the cost of your average tip to estimate the best goal for each stream. 

6. Charge Per Minute for Specific Requests

Personal live videos are a great way to connect with OnlyFans subscribers and create real-time custom videos. As many models will tell you, exclusive videos are where you make some of the best money on OnlyFans, so you shouldn’t just hand these out. Instead, consider charging per minute for personalized streams. 

Many models charge $5, $10, or $20 per minute with designated minimums of five minutes or more for live shows. Though some offer sizable base prices instead, charging per minute often brings in more money if you can keep the viewer entertained. Just remember to charge your fees upfront when streaming exclusive videos. 

7. Establish a Live Streaming Schedule for Your Loyal Audience

A consistent OnlyFans streaming schedule will help you build a reliable audience for your live videos, often leading to better tips and engagements. Many of your loyal followers may return for every livestream if your schedule is consistent enough. 

To determine your best schedule, consider the days and times your subscribers are most active. You may need to go live a few times to find the best specific hours, though you generally can’t go wrong on weekends between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. EST. 

8. Include a Shoutout To Promote Your Page

Many OnlyFans creators do “shoutout for shoutout” (S4S) promotions to share their accounts with other users. Most shoutouts include standard posts encouraging subscribers to visit the other creator’s profile. Integrating S4S promotions into your OnlyFans livestreams is a unique way to highlight other creators and advertise your page.

How Bluresca Can Help You Break Into the Top 1%

Learning tips for going live on OnlyFans is critical for your success on the platform. However, livestreams can be challenging for OnlyFans creators to plan while also promoting their content on other social media pages.

At Bluresca, our managers know the ins and outs of adult content creation and can help you maximize your time and engagement. Connect with Bluresca to unlock your potential and learn more tips for OnlyFans beginners. 


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