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8 Top Fetishes on OnlyFans You Should Know About

8 Top Fetishes on OnlyFans You Should Know About

One in four Americans in a relationship has a secret fetish they want to try — even though they haven’t told their partner about it. It’s natural to have a turn-on or two, and OnlyFans is a fantastic place for people to explore a kink, whether that’s S&M, group sex, belly buttons, or something else. 

Below, read the eight top fetishes on OnlyFans and how performers plan sexy content around their audiences. You could pick up a few tips to improve your content and become a more successful creator. Also, learn the benefits of working with an OnlyFans digital marketing agency.

Why You Should Create Custom Content for Popular Fetishes

While making kinky OnlyFans content for a mainstream audience can pay off, it can be tricky to establish a presence on the platform if other people create the same type of content as you. That’s why you might want to consider posting types of content around a particular fetish, whether that sexual kink is mild, wild, or totally off the charts. Doing so could help you capture a niche but loyal audience that will continue to renew their subscriptions and tip you lots of cash, resulting in more revenue for your channel. 

It’s probably not a good idea to create custom content for OnlyFans fetishes that you have no interest in exploring. Those with a specific turn-on might see you’re not into a specific sexual practice and unsubscribe from your channel. Pick something that turns you on and run with it. Whatever your fetish, you’ll likely find other people who love the same thing. 

Here’s another tip: Engage with your audience to discover what they want from your explicit content. For example, “foot fetish” is a broad term encompassing many sub-fetishes. Someone might engage in foot play with a partner on cam, while other foot fetish models might wear boots, socks, and other footwear. Ask subscribers in post updates and private messages about what drives them wild. 

8 Top Fetishes on OnlyFans and How To Plan Content Around Them

If you want to create the kinkiest OnlyFans content, take a look at the fetishes and performers below. Each creator on this list drives engagement by offering media catering to their audience’s turn-ons, so you could learn a thing or two for your channel. 

1. Foot Fetish Content

OnlyFans foot fetish content refers to images and videos that cater to those with a sexual affinity for feet. You can find a wide range of foot fetish content on OnlyFans, including foot massage, footjobs, and foot worship — where someone touches, licks, and kisses another person’s feet and toes. OnlyFans feet worship models might also post media of themselves wearing footwear and clothing that cover the feet, including boots, socks, sandals, platform shoes, and stockings. 

Examples of popular foot fetish content creators on OnlyFans include Sexy Gonzalez, who uploads body and feet pics, as well as videos. With more than 22,000 likes at the time of writing this article, she has developed a loyal fan base by engaging with followers and posting content regularly. Sexy Gonzalez has uploaded more than 1,300 pieces of media to her channel so far, including nearly 600 videos. 

2. Hair Fetish Content

A hair fetish, also known as trichophilia, is a sexual attraction to human body hair, such as head hair, pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, or back hair. All genders might gain sexual gratification from touching, smelling, or just looking at hair. Content creators who produce hair fetish content might play with their hair in photos and videos in a sexual or non-sexual way. A long hair fetish is a sub-kink where people find lots of head hair arousing. 

One of the best examples of a content creator specializing in hair fetishism is Teddy Bear, who describes himself as the “hairiest man on OnlyFans.” With nearly 220,000 likes, he posts content daily and makes custom video productions for his subscribers, which drives high levels of engagement. Teddy Bear also promotes his range of merchandise on his channel and asks fans to comment on his posts.  

3. Sports Fetish Content

A sports fetish is an attraction to someone wearing sports-related clothing, such as shorts, sneakers, and jersey tops. OnlyFans creators might cater to people with this turn-on by posting videos and images of themselves wearing sports clothes on certain areas of the body while leaving other areas nude. They might also film themselves wearing sports gear while masturbating or having sex. 

Ana Cheri is an OnlyFans creator who often posts content of her working out in gym wear. Also known as “Miss October,” Ana has 1.44 million likes and engages with her audience by offering behind-the-scenes and exclusive content, as well as promising to respond to direct messages. 

4. Attraction to People With Mutism

Some people are attracted to those who are non-speaking because of a physical or mental disability. Creators with mutism might film themselves in sexual or non-sexual situations and communicate through non-verbal methods. 

It’s difficult to find any examples of performers that specialize in this fetish on OnlyFans. However, an attraction to a disability like mutism is a recognized sexualized interest and most likely exists on the platform.

5. Bondage Fetish Content

Bondage sex is a type of interest that involves tying or restraining someone with physical force, rope, handcuffs, or other items. Loads of channels appeal to this fetish on OnlyFans, including images and videos that contain domination, submission, sadism, discipline, and masochism.

Ruby Soho is one of the most popular creators specializing in bondage fetishism on OnlyFans. With more than 2,700 pieces of media, including 800 videos, she drives engagement by posting and messaging subscribers daily, which makes fans happy. Ruby also offers subscription fee bundles to entice new fans to follow her channel. 

6. Dirty Word Fetish Content

A dirty word fetish involves using vulgar or obscene words during masturbation or sex. Creators might express these terms to a partner to turn them on or talk directly to the camera to gratify their audience. While many videos on OnlyFans include dirty words, performers might purposely use these terms to degrade someone watching. 

One creator who uses dirty words in her content is Cassie Curses, who has 423,000 likes. She has already posted 2,200 pieces of footage and continues to upload new content daily. To drive engagement, Cassie invites her subscribers to send her a private message. 

7. Auralism Fetish Content

People with an auralism fetish get sexually aroused by sound. They might be turned on by listening to other people having sex, particular voices or accents, music, or other noises. Both sexual and non-sexual sounds can trigger auralism. For example, someone whispering or reading a book in a quiet voice might unintentionally attract someone with this fetish.

Sultry Stacey is one creator that might appeal to people with an auralism fetish. She claims she has the “loudest moans on OnlyFans” and can’t help her “loud noises.” Stacey brings her audience’s fantasies to life by posting new content daily, offering customer requests, and sexting with followers. She currently has around 26,000 likes on the platform. 

8. Belly Button Fetish Content

Some people are sexually attracted to other people’s navels, resulting in images and videos that cater to this turn-on on OnlyFans. Belly button fetish content might include someone showing, rubbing, or playing with their navel on camera. More extreme content might involve a sexual partner who touches and licks the creator’s belly button.

Your Favorite Belly Button Queen is an OnlyFans performer who only posts content focusing on her navel. Although she only has 2,000 likes, this creator drives engagement by posting images and videos specifically targeted to people with this fetish. She also offers subscription bundles and takes requests from fans.

Become a Top OnlyFans Adult Content Creator With Bluresca

Working with an OnlyFans digital marketing agency can help you plan, produce, manage, and monetize fetish content on the platform. You will still have control over your channel, but a team of professionals will support the day-to-day running of it. That means you will spend more time creating content about niche fetishes and less promoting videos, responding to messages, and writing posts. 

While a digital marketing agency will charge a fee for their services or take a cut of your earnings, you could generate more income in the long run. That’s because agents know precisely what your audience wants, which can drive engagement. 

As a top agency for OnlyFans performers, Bluresca has increased some creators’ incomes from $5,000 a month to $100,000 a month. The company has 100 social media experts who can help you connect with fans, create high-quality fetish content, and take care of the day-to-day tasks of running your channel. For example, Bluresca can arrange photo shoots to help you produce more effective images and videos. The agency also provides 24/7 anti-piracy protection and removes illegal copies of your content from the internet. 

Unlock your OnlyFans potential with a digital marketing agency that creates and markets fetish content. Connect with Bluresca to learn more.

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