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9 Creative Ways To Make Money on OnlyFans

9 Creative Ways To Make Money on OnlyFans

With 170 million users and up to 500,000 new users joining daily, OnlyFans is one of the world’s most extensive internet content subscription services. Using this platform might not turn you into a millionaire overnight, but there are plenty of opportunities to make cash — especially if you get creative! Learn how to increase your earning potential on OnlyFans below.

How Much Money Can You Make on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans models could earn a few to thousands of dollars a month. It all depends on how many people subscribe to their channels and pay for special content like pay-per-view videos.

Research reveals that the average creator has 21 subscribers, which equates to $151.2 per month when considering the average monthly subscription fee of $7.20.

That said, many models make far more than this amount. For example, vlogger Makayla Samountry says she earned more than $1,400 in her first month on the platform, with earnings split between subscriptions and revenue from paid-for adult content. Blac Chyna, one of the highest earners on OnlyFans, made $20 million per year from the website.

Top 9 Creative Ways To Increase Your Income With OnlyFans

OF lets you make money by charging users a monthly fee to access high-quality content. However, many other ways to boost your earnings on the platform exist.

1. Use Paid Posts and Exclusive Content

Paid or pay-per-view (PPV) posts are one of the most creative ways to make money on OnlyFans. Simply upload photos and videos to your profile and charge fans a one-time fee to view this content. Doing so will generate additional income on top of your monthly subscription fee.

Alternatively, keep your channel free to boost your subscriber base before posting teaser photos and trailer videos promoting PPV posts. Because followers don’t have a monthly fee, they might be more willing to pay for individual pieces of content at a premium price.

Exclusive personalized content is another way to produce additional income. You can create custom images and videos for your audience based on their kinks and charge them a fee for this service. Other premium content types you can offer include phone sex and live streams.

It’s essential to price your PPV posts and exclusive content fairly. Find out how much other adult OnlyFans creators in your niche charge for their services, then use this as a guide for your channel. For example, you can offer custom videos for $100 and images for $20. As you grow your account, you can increase the cost of your content.

2. Engage With Your Fans Through Direct Messages

The more you connect with your followers, the more likely they will remain loyal to your channel. Doing so can encourage them to subscribe to your account for longer and generate more income over time.

Responding to followers via direct message can be a great way to boost engagement on OnlyFans. For example, you can answer your fans’ questions and develop relationships with them. Also, send new subscribers a welcome message about your channel and the type of content you post.

Don’t forget to reply to fans who comment on your profile posts. That will let followers know your account is active and you’re happy to communicate with your subscribers. Through constant engagement with your audience, you can create a community on your OnlyFans channel and prevent people from canceling their subscriptions.

3. Get Familiar With the Tips Feature

Subscribers can send you some cash if they enjoy your content or want to support your channel, which can help you make some extra money. There are various ways your fans can tip you:

Posts: Every time you share an update with your fans on your profile, they can click on an icon on that post and send you money.

Live streams: Followers can tip you during live streams if they like your content.

Direct messages: People can also send cash via OnlyFans’ private message system. Messages with tips appear at the top of your inbox.

Regardless of the method, your subscribers can tip you up to $100 if you’ve been on the website for four months or less and up to $200 after that time. You can only receive OnlyFans tips after making five posts.

OnlyFans takes 20% of your tips on the platform — the same commission they make from your subscription revenue.

4. Try Live Streaming and Co-Streaming

Live streams let your fans watch you in real time, which can create a sense of intimacy. Many of the most successful OnlyFans models use this feature to engage with their followers and earn extra cash from tips. You can host a weekly or monthly livestream to top up your income.

Co-streaming is when you participate in a live stream with another model, which can increase awareness about your channel to a new audience and help you generate new subscribers. Combining your talents with a popular creator could earn even more tip money.

OnlyFans automatically adds your live and co-streams to your profile, allowing your followers to watch them at a later date.

5. Become a Ghostwriter for Other Creators

As someone’s channel grows, they might need help responding to messages from followers, writing profile updates, and creating descriptions for their content. That’s where a good ghostwriter comes in! They help models build intimate relationships with their target audience, allowing them to focus on creating content.

Becoming a ghostwriter for someone else’s channel can be a great side gig. This job’s estimated total pay range is $18-28 an hour, according to Glassdoor. However, you’ll need to be able to replicate the writing style of a creator so their followers don’t know it’s you responding to messages!

6. Coach OnlyFans Beginners on How To Monetize and Grow

If you’ve been on OnlyFans for a while and know its ins and outs, you could become a consultant to models just starting on the website. By sharing your experiences and providing ongoing guidance, new OnlyFans creators can learn how to monetize and grow their channels.

Of course, you can charge a fee for your coaching services and generate a new source of income from this OnlyFans business. You can also create YouTube videos where you talk about how to become a successful creator and then monetize this content.

7. Save Some of Your Own Money by Making a Wishlist

A wishlist is a collection of items that followers can purchase for you. For example, you can put a new TV or clothes on your wishlist and share it on your profile alongside links to your social media platforms. Fans might buy you these items if they want to support you.

Creating a wishlist is an indirect way of making OnlyFans money. Instead of purchasing these items yourself, your followers can cover the cost, saving you money.

Several websites, including Amazon and eBay, let you create wishlists for free. Then you can include a link to your list in your OnlyFans profile description.

8. Run Contests and Charge for Entry

Another way to make more money on OnlyFans is through contests, which allow your fans to compete for prizes such as used lingerie or custom content. You might even want to run a competition where someone can meet you in person. These contests can increase engagement among your audience, which is great for your OnlyFans career.

Charging followers to enter a contest is a good idea because it can help you recoup the costs of any prizes you give out and top up your OnlyFans earnings. For example, you can charge fans $10 to enter a prize draw.

9. Check Out Affiliate Program Options

You can generate a steady income stream by promoting adult products from different companies on your channel. Just showcase these items on your profile and include an affiliate link in your description. You’ll earn a commission if someone clicks on that link and purchases a product.

OnlyFans has a referral program that rewards creators who get others to sign up for the platform, which can be another great way to make more money. This program pays you 5% of the earnings generated by any creator you refer to OnlyFans for 12 months — as long as they sign up with your referral code, which you can find in your account settings.

How Bluresca Can Help You Monetize Faster

Your earning potential could be limitless on OnlyFans if you get creative. However, working with an OF talent management agency can increase monetization opportunities on this platform and help you generate more income.

Bluresca is an agency that unlocks your true potential on OnlyFans by offering ongoing support and guidance. The company specializes in marketing, promotion, and copyright protection, helping you grow and monetize your channel.

Want to sign up for OnlyFans to make money? Contact Bluresca to learn more or apply to become a model today.



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