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A Guide to OnlyFans Content Protection for Adult Creators

A Guide to OnlyFans Content Protection for Adult Creators

You put a lot of time and energy into creating great content for your OnlyFans page. It’s only fair that if someone wants to see that content, they pay you for it. However, content theft is a serious problem on OnlyFans and may lead to you earning less than you deserve if you don’t have a solid content protection plan in place.

We created this article to help you devise strategies for your OnlyFans content protection. Keep reading to learn more about how the platform protects your content and what measures you can take to keep it safer.

Is OnlyFans a Safe Platform for Adult Content Creators?

With roughly 420 million monthly active users, OnlyFans is a popular social media site that’s mostly safe to use. The platform aims to keep your data safe, ensuring your fans are the only ones who get to see the content you post.

However, on top of the platform’s own security measures, you also play a role in keeping your OnlyFans safe. If you want to retain your anonymity for future content creation, you may need to take protective measures like using a strong password and connecting your page to a non-personal email address and social media profiles.

How Does OnlyFans Protect Your Original Content?

OnlyFans has integrated several protective measures into the platform to give its content creators peace of mind. Leveraging these tools is the first step in keeping your original content safe from digital thieves. 

Content Copyright Protection

First, there’s a free OnlyFans watermark tool that you can use to trademark your content and make it more difficult to use without your permission. This doesn’t necessarily stop people from stealing your photos and videos, but it does show your intent to keep your content behind your OnlyFans paywall, which can make it easier to take legal action if you ever need to do so.

You can customize your watermark in your privacy and safety settings. OnlyFans will also help you investigate stolen content and issue takedown notices to the websites that host it. You can begin that process here if you have stolen content that violates OnlyFans’ copyright policy or have other copyright infringement issues.

Creators’ Identity Protection

OnlyFans also offers several security measures to help you protect your identity. For example, the platform requires every new creator to verify their identity during the sign-up process so no one can pretend to be you and commit social media identity theft. The platform also offers two-factor authentication, keeping your account more secure than having only a password.

OnlyFans encrypts all of the personal data it collects and stores it in a separate server. So, even if a user hacked OnlyFans and specifically looked for your personal details, they wouldn’t be able to get them unless they also breached the separate server and had the encryption key.

Video DRM-Protection

When you post a video on OnlyFans, you also get the option to activate DRM protection. This is a form of encryption that prevents unauthorized users from seeing the video. Perhaps most importantly, DRM protection stops people from downloading your videos, which is an important part of getting paid fairly for the content you create.

You also get DRM protection on image files. There are ways to get around some of the restrictions that DRM encryption places on users, but they’re likely to be too technical for much of your audience, so this protection stops many potential OnlyFans leaks.

If someone is able to get around OnlyFans’ DRM protection to steal your content, you can file legal action against them to stop them from sharing it with others online. We detail how to do that in a later section.

How Can You Protect Your Exclusive Content?

We’ve covered some of the steps that OnlyFans takes to protect your intellectual property. But there are also some things you can do to protect your content and avoid an OnlyFans leak. Here are a few ideas.

Use Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication

One way for users to steal your explicit content is to hack into your OnlyFans account. That means the first step in protecting your content from piracy is improving your account security. The best way to do that is with a strong password and two-factor authentication.

The more characters your password has, the more challenging it will be for someone to breach it. But if you have enabled two-factor authentication, a person could know your password and still be unable to get into your account without your code. It’s like adding another layer to the vault that’s protecting your content.

Leverage Content Watermarking Features

Next, ensure you’re taking full advantage of OnlyFans’ built-in watermarking feature. If you’re not already using the platform’s watermarking tool, now is a great time to start.

Remember, watermarking doesn’t stop people from stealing your content. But it clearly shows you intend for the content to be private. So if someone steals your content and you file a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA claim against them, using watermarks should give you a better chance of winning the claim faster.

Avoid Content Leaks by Being Cautious When Sharing

Another factor to consider is that when you show people your content, they now have access to those image and video files. If they wanted to, they could leak them to websites or people who don’t have any right to see the material.

You may think that’s not a problem if you only share your content with people you trust. But there are ways for your content to fall into the wrong hands, even if the people you first shared it with have no intention of passing it to anyone else.

For example, if you show a new set of pictures to a friend, their email address could be hacked a few days later. That could lead to your images being posted on websites that have no business sharing them.

This is why you should be cautious about who you share your OnlyFans content with. The more you share images and videos you want people to pay for, the more likely they are to end up getting posted on social media accounts or websites that violate copyright laws.

Invest in a Powerful Anti-Virus Software

OnlyFans has a lot of helpful features to keep your content safe after you’ve posted it on the platform. But your content is also at risk of being stolen when stored on your computer, other social media platforms, or email account.

That’s why it’s also smart to install strong anti-virus software on your computer. This will help you detect unauthorized users trying to breach your systems or accounts and stop any would-be hackers in their tracks before they can get to your content.

How To Proceed if Someone Uses Your Content Without Permission

Despite your best efforts, someone may still find a way to steal your content and share it with others. When this happens, taking legal action quickly is the best way to get the content taken down so people have to pay to see it again.

The first step in building a legal case is documenting evidence of the person sharing illegal content. In this case, it can be as simple as taking a screenshot of the website page where your content appears. You may want to take a video screen grab if you’re documenting a stolen video.

Once you have the evidence, you can report the stolen content to OnlyFans. They’ll work with you to investigate the issue and may send out a cease and desist letter on your behalf.

You can also send cease and desist letters and DMCA OnlyFans takedown notices to the offending websites. You should also submit a notice of nonconsensual porn if the issue warrants one.

At this point, the person who stole your content has two options. They can remove your content, in which case your problems are over. Or the other person can try to fight your claim by leaving the content up. If that happens, you may need to enlist the help of legal professionals who can direct you to the best path forward.

Simplify Your OnlyFans Account Management With Bluresca

Many people start OnlyFans pages because they’re interested in earning good money without having to work insane hours. But just the act of protecting your content from everyone who might want to steal it can add hours to your week and saddle you with unnecessary stress.

Instead of worrying about all of the non-creative things that go into running a successful OnlyFans page, why not let someone else do those things for you? An OnlyFans agency like Bluresca can help you keep your content safe while boosting your brand so you can build a larger following through model collaborations, marketing guides, and more.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a better OnlyFans career today by getting in touch with one of the experts at Bluresca


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