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A Guide To the OnlyFans Sign-Up Process

A Guide To the OnlyFans Sign-Up Process

So you’ve decided to make an OnlyFans channel! You’ll soon be one of 2.1 million models who upload exclusive content for their followers on the website. But before creating your first post, you’ll need to complete the platform’s sign-up process, which involves multiple steps. Learn how to set up your account, how long it takes, and the benefits of working with an OnlyFans talent agency.

How Long Does the Sign-Up Process Usually Take?

Signing up for a new OnlyFans account typically only takes a few minutes. However, according to the company’s Twitter page, the verification and account approval process can take 48-72 hours for adult content creators. That’s because OnlyFans needs to manually review your identification documents and check the information you entered when registering your account.

Some issues that might delay the OnlyFans sign-up process include:

  • Uploading a blurry photo of yourself so OnlyFans can’t verify your identity
  • Uploading expired or incorrect identification documents to the platform
  • Using an incorrect file format for your profile picture
  • Including information in your bio that’s against OnlyFans’ terms of service

If OnlyFans doesn’t approve your account the first time, it will email you with details about the rejection and how to appeal. For example, you might need to upload an additional form of ID or take another photo for your profile page.

5 Easy Steps To Master the OnlyFans Sign-Up Process

By following these five steps, you can avoid a rejection email from OnlyFans and start uploading content to the platform as quickly as possible.

1. Create Your New Account

Start by heading to https://start.onlyfans.com/ and clicking “Sign Up.” OnlyFans will prompt you to enter your name and email address before creating a password for your account, just like you would do with any other service. You can bypass this step if registering with your Twitter, Google, or Spotify account. Once you input your information, OnlyFans will email you to confirm your email address.

Once you verify your email, you’ll want to update several sections of your profile before completing the identity verification:

  • Username: OnlyFans will assign you a random username during the sign-up process. However, you can change it by clicking “Edit Profile” on your profile page. You can only change your username once, so think of something memorable and unique — perhaps a name that reflects the content you want to create. Your username will also be the URL for your profile, so choose wisely!
  • Display Name: OnlyFans will also assign you a display name — usually your first name, which you entered during registration. You can change this to something else, like a nickname or persona.
  • Profile and Banner Images: These are required before you can complete the identity verification process. They’re also important for a successful channel because users will likely look at your images before becoming subscribers.
  • Bio Description: Like your photos, your bio will help entice paying subscribers. However, you’ll want to tell people about your channel without giving too much away.

You can make other modifications to your profile at this stage or at a later date, such as linking your social media accounts and changing your privacy and security settings.

2. Go Through the Identity Verification Process

You’ll need to complete verification when starting an OnlyFans account. This process involves:

  • Taking a photo of a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, identity card, or passport and uploading it to the platform
  • Taking a photo of yourself and uploading it to the platform

OnlyFans says in its terms and conditions that it handles your personal information securely and won’t share it with anyone.

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, it’s time to play the waiting game. OnlyFans will send you an email to confirm whether it’s accepted or rejected your application, usually within 72 hours. You might need to provide additional evidence that proves your identity if the company can’t verify your details or photo, such as links to your social media platforms.

You can continue to customize your page while you wait for OnlyFans to confirm your identity.

3. Fill Out Your Bank Details and Financial Information

After account approval, you can link your bank account to OnlyFans. Do this by clicking “More” in the menu on the left-hand side of your profile and then “Add Bank.” OnlyFans will prompt you to enter your bank account information, legal name, address, and other information.

You can also choose how you will receive money. OnlyFans has a feature that automatically transfers cash to your bank account when you reach the minimum payout limit, currently $20. Alternatively, you can manually transfer amounts to your OnlyFans creator account after hitting this limit.

4. Define Your Subscription Fees

How much you charge for your content depends on various factors. As you’re still new to the platform, you might want to ask followers to pay a relatively small subscription price — perhaps $5 per month — until you establish your fanbase. Then, you can raise your costs over time and generate more revenue. Most OnlyFans models charge $9.99 to $14.99 per month, though some price their subscriptions much higher than this. You can also set individual prices for different types of exclusive content, such as personalized videos.

Enter your subscription fees by heading to your settings and clicking “Subscription price and bundles.”

5. Create a Killer First Post

With everything set up, you’re ready to introduce yourself on OnlyFans! Start with a simple text post that tells people about the type of explicit content you make and what they can expect from your channel in the future. Alternatively, you can upload an image or video straight away.

Establishing yourself on this platform might take some time. But if you create OnlyFans content that audiences love and continue to post on your channel regularly, you might develop a loyal fanbase over time.

Start Your OnlyFans Journey With Bluresca’s Expert Team

Bluresca is an OnlyFans digital marketing and talent management agency that can help you realize your full financial potential on the platform. It takes care of many tasks associated with starting an OnlyFans account, letting you focus on creating high-quality content for your followers. The company also specializes in content advertisement, social media marketing, and growth plans, all of which will help you expedite your fanbase generation.

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