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Everything You Should Know About OnlyFans Collaboration Rules

Everything You Should Know About OnlyFans Collaboration Rules

With 120 million registered users, OnlyFans is one of the world’s most popular internet subscription services. Creators can generate income from exclusive content or collaborate with other creators on the platform. This collaboration allows you to tap into new audiences and boost your earning potential.

However, OnlyFans has specific content guidelines for collaborations that you must follow. If you’re unsure about OnlyFans’ posting rules before you begin, you might violate the platform’s terms of service. Here’s what you need to know about partnering with other models on this website.

How Do OnlyFans Collaborations Work?

An OnlyFans collaboration means working with one or more performers on the platform to create content. It’s fairly common to film a video with a popular creator and upload it to the site. That video might appear on your channel, the other model’s channel, or both.

Rules of Collab Content and Community Guidelines

Creating content with another model is usually straightforward. However, you must abide by a few OnlyFans collaboration rules when featuring other people in explicit images and videos:

  • Tag the OnlyFans account of someone you work with in the post that features them. You can do this by placing the “@” symbol before their username or writing out their channel’s full URL. That will generate a card that links to their profile in your post.
  • If someone you work with doesn’t have an account, OnlyFans recommends they create one.
  • If that person can’t make an account for whatever reason, provide OnlyFans with a copy of their photo identification and a model release form before you post your content. The platform doesn’t list a specific email address on their help pages where you can send this information. However, you might want to email support@onlyfans.com, as this is the email that models use when they need general assistance with their accounts.
  • If your channel includes photos and videos of other performers, the majority of your content must still focus on you because you’re the person who passed OnlyFans’ verification requirements and has an ID on file.

Remember, violating any OnlyFans rules can land you in hot water with the company, which has the right to terminate or suspend your account at any time.

Benefits of Collabs on OnlyFans

Collaborating with other models on OnlyFans can help you and your channel in several ways:

  • Increase channel awareness: When you’re exposed to new audiences, someone who follows your collaborator might discover your content and subscribe to your channel. You could increase your subscriber base significantly if you feature on a channel with a high OnlyFans creator ranking and many followers.
  • Boost revenue: Increased subscriptions from collaborative content allow you to generate more monthly income. Even if some users only subscribe to your channel to watch your collab and cancel their subscription before the end of the month, that’s still a bump in revenue.
  • Introduce a new creator: Featuring an up-and-coming performer in one of your videos could launch their career on OnlyFans. The performer can then reciprocate down the line.
  • Prevent followers from unsubscribing: Working with other models could lead to new and exciting content that your fans love, which could keep them subscribed to your channel. That will maintain your monthly income from OnlyFans.
  • Develop new relationships: Creating collab content can be a great way to meet new people and even lead to a business opportunity or a long-lasting friendship.

Many adult creators treat collaborations like special events on their OnlyFans channels. They might create trailers for upcoming content with another partner and promote videos on their social media pages. That can generate anticipation for collaborative content, boost subscriptions, and drive revenue.

Challenges of Collabs on OnlyFans

Like anything in life, the benefits of OnlyFans collaborations are offset by several challenges:

  • Choose the posting channel: Perhaps the biggest obstacle to creating content with another person is choosing whose channel you should post the video on. You might decide to upload a video to both of your accounts simultaneously. However, if one person has more followers than the other, each party will receive a different amount of income from a collab. Regardless of where you post explicit content, consider agreeing with a partner about splitting revenue evenly. However, that requires trust between you and the other person, especially when exchanging bank details.
  • Shoot organization: Organizing an OnlyFans shoot can also lead to problems. Will you travel to collaborate with a partner, or will they come to you? What happens if you live hundreds of miles apart? You’ll also need to agree on whose camera, microphones, lighting, editing software, and other accessories to use.
  • Production decisions: Another challenge of OnlyFans collaborations is disagreeing on how to produce or edit content. Your partner might have a very different idea about creating photos and videos than you do, which could lead to disputes.

4 Tips To Collab With Other Adult Content Creators

Follow these tips to make future collaboration contracts with OnlyFans partners run as smoothly as possible.

1. Search for Potential Collaborators on All Social Platforms

You need a partner to collaborate — someone who shares your vision and is willing to create high-quality sexual content. Perhaps the easiest way to find one is to message performers on OnlyFans you are interested in working with and suggesting a collaboration. However, you’ll need to subscribe to each creator you message, which can quickly become expensive.

You could Google the username of an OnlyFans performer and see if you can find their social media accounts. Then, you can message them without subscribing to their channel. Some creators include their Twitter or Instagram handles in their bios, making connecting even easier. Alternatively, you could work with a full-service OnlyFans agency who can put in all the work finding the best collaborators for your channel.

2. Explore Different Ways To Collaborate

There are various ways you can collaborate with another OnlyFans model. You might want to arrange a shoot and meet in person or film yourselves on a video call. Alternatively, you can give another performer a shout-out in a post and include a link to their channel. If the other person does the same, you can cross-promote each other’s content to your respective audiences.

Also, determine the duration of any collaboration with another model. Will it be a one-off video? Will you record multiple pieces of content and post it on your channels over time? If your followers enjoy your collaboration, you might want to produce additional content with that person in the future.

3. Define the Type of Content or Collab Beforehand

Both you and the person must agree on how you will collaborate. Perhaps the best way to arrange a collaboration is via a video call, where you can discuss what direction you want to take for the shoot and how a partnership can benefit both of you.

Misunderstandings can occur if you don’t discuss what will happen during a video shoot. Stopping a recording because you and your collaboration partner don’t know what to do can lengthen the time it takes to create your project and create friction between the two of you. Even if you are familiar with another model’s content, it’s essential you ask them about their sexual role and kinks so you’re not surprised during filming. You’ll also need to clarify how you will perform in co-authored content.

4. Talk About Boundaries and Respect Them

Boundaries are essential when working with a collaborator. Both parties must respect each other. If you don’t feel comfortable with anything someone suggests you do, make that clear to them before you create sexually explicit content. You must consent to everything that happens during an OnlyFans collab and avoid any illegal activities that could get you thrown off the platform.

OnlyFans’ terms of service say that creators must not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct or bully, abuse, or harass other users. If you feel a performer has violated you in any way, report it to the platform. That includes situations when you change your mind about a collaboration after recording it, and the person you worked with uploads a video to OnlyFans without your consent.

How Bluresca Can Help Manage Partnership Agreements

Working with a digital marketing and talent management agency specializing in OnlyFans content can make your collaborations more successful. Bluresca can negotiate terms between you and another model, ensuring you are on the same page when creating photos and videos. You can also work with models in their network, preventing the need to find collaborators yourself.

Bluresca is a full-service agency for OnlyFans models like you. It manages partnership agreements so you can focus on what you do best: creating high-quality content for your followers. Bluresca will ensure you and any partners agree upon the type of photos and videos you want to make and adhere to OnlyFans collaboration rules. The company also helps with content creation, advertisements, social media marketing, and growth plans.

If you’re looking to create more successful content with collaborators on OnlyFans, Bluresca can unlock your full potential as a model. Contact the team today to learn more.

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