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Everything You Should Know About the OnlyFans Verification Process

Everything You Should Know About the OnlyFans Verification Process

OnlyFans can be a very lucrative platform for content creators. But if you want to make your living as an OnlyFans model, your journey to that goal has to start with the OnlyFans verification process.

In this article, we outline the steps that all new users have to go through to prove they meet OnlyFans’ age and identity requirements. We’ll walk you through the process of starting a verified OnlyFans page from a creator’s perspective. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Does OnlyFans Verify Users?

OnlyFans is a social media platform for adult content creators to offer exclusive content to their audience. Due to the explicit content in the platform, users and models are required to verify their age and identity. Otherwise, OnlyFans could face legal issues in letting underage users access the platform.

Although OnlyFans identity verification can be a pain, this crucial measure can be actually good for creators. It sets OnlyFans apart from other sites where people can post adult content. Without the OnlyFans age verification process, the platform would be less safe, which could drive away users and decrease your earnings as a model on the site.

OnlyFans gives two explicit reasons why users need to be at least 18 to view and post content:

  1. Some of the content available on OnlyFans isn’t suitable for users under 18.
  2. Users have to provide card details and be legally able to pay for subscriptions on OnlyFans social media profiles.

4 Simple Steps To Get Verified on OnlyFans

Now that you know why OnlyFans models need to get verified, let’s look at the verification process so you know what you need to do to start using the platform. Here are four steps you’ll need to complete on your way to OnlyFans verification.

1. Verify Your Email Address

First, OnlyFans will want to confirm that you actually own the email address for which you registered your profile since it provides a reliable means for the company to communicate with you. To that end, you’ll be asked to verify your email address when you first sign up for OnlyFans.

This step is fairly straightforward. Just click on verify email address when prompted, and the platform will send a verification email to your inbox. Click on the verification link in your confirmation email or enter the code you receive, and you will have completed the first step in getting verified.

2. Complete Your Basic Profile Details

Once you verify your email address, you can start filling out the basic personal details to complete your OnlyFans profile. This includes the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • Social Security Number
  • W9 information
  • Other details

This is a good opportunity to start filling out the rest of your profile, too. You may want to write your bio, publish a banner image and profile photo, and connect your social media profiles so your new fans know where else they can find you.

As you go through this process, keep in mind that the information you provide in this step will be compared to the details in the identification documents you submit in the next step. Make sure to eliminate any conflicting information between your profile and your identification documents to avoid unnecessary delays in your verification process.

3. Provide Your Identification Documents

At this point, you have verified your email and provided some basic personal information. OnlyFans will now want to verify that you are, in fact, the person you say you are. This step is important because it ensures that no one else can create an OnlyFans profile claiming to be you and potentially profit from your name and image.

To prove your identity, you’ll need to provide some official identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license. OnlyFans will also ask you to take a standalone selfie and a selfie of you holding your government-issued ID.

Note that the information you provided when setting up your account has to match the information on your ID. If it doesn’t, your new account could be shut down immediately, or OnlyFans may request additional information from you before completing your verification.

You should also know that OnlyFans requires creators to submit new selfies on a rolling 30-day period. So get ready to submit more of these photos shortly.

4. Add Your Bank Details

The last crucial step in the approval process is making sure that you can get paid when users pay for access to your OnlyFans content. This is as easy as clicking the “add bank account” tab and entering your bank account details and routing numbers in the specified fields.

Ensure your bank account details match your account information to avoid any delays in the verification process. If all goes well, you should have a fully verified profile within the next few days.

How Does OnlyFans Verify the Information Provided?

OnlyFans did not provide specific details on how they go about their verification process. However, the company does say it uses a combination of technology and humans when verifying new accounts. So, there’s a good chance that your profile will go through a machine and human check on the way to verification.

OnlyFans also notes that its tools, policies, and procedures are constantly evolving to reflect the best practices, new technologies, and changes required by the law. This means the steps in the current verification process will likely have some changes in the future. 

How Long Does OnlyFans Verification Take?

OnlyFans states that the verification process can take up to 72 hours to complete. However, it probably won’t take that long unless there’s a large queue of new models to verify ahead of you. Most models seem to get through the verification process within 24 hours of completing it.

If you are concerned about getting verified on the platform or simply want a smoother verification process, consider partnering with an OnlyFans talent management agency. OnlyFans agencies like Bluresca can guide you through the entire verification process, so you don’t have to do it on your own.

Common Causes of Rejection Emails and How To Fix Them

Is your OnlyFans verification not working? Or maybe you just want to make sure it gets approved the first time. Either way, if you know the common reasons why OnlyFans rejects a verification request, you can avoid running into these issues that can cause delays. Here are some common reasons for getting rejected on OnlyFans:

  • Blurry photos: Your government-issued documents must be clear and fully readable by humans and machines. If the pictures you upload are blurry, they could be grounds for rejection. Double-check your ID photos before submitting them to avoid this problem.
  • Expired documents: You probably know not to submit an expired ID as part of your verification, but you also shouldn’t rely on any ID that expires within the next 30 days. This can also be grounds for denial.
  • Incorrect file format: The pictures you submit need to be in .jpg or .png formats and smaller than 7MB. If yours aren’t, your verification could be delayed.
  • A mismatch between ID and account information: You also need to make sure that the name, address, and other key personal information you input on your OnlyFans profile exactly match the details on your ID card. Double-check before submitting to avoid delays.

There are a few other issues you may encounter while completing your OnlyFans verification. For example, OnlyFans may ask you to confirm your identity by submitting a secondary form of identification, such as an additional photo ID. This is especially common when the primary document you submit isn’t in English.

The platform could also ask you to verify your account by connecting a social media profile to it. This is one way that OnlyFans can verify you’re a real person and not a bot or scammer.

If you get denied for a reason we haven’t covered here, then you may need to reach out to OnlyFans directly to learn what you should be doing differently. OnlyFans agencies like Bluresca can also help you with this.

Speed Up Your New OnlyFans Account Growth and Monetization

Getting your OnlyFans account verified is the first step you need to complete before you can start leveraging the platform to earn a living. The next step is to set up a strategy to find an audience base and convert them to loyal subscribers.

You can get started by posting about your verified OnlyFans profile on other social media platforms. But you don’t have to build from the bottom alone. Instead, take advantage of the expertise of the management team at Bluresca.

We offer a variety of powerful tools and guides that help OnlyFans models build their brands and earn more on the platform. Whether you need help with digital marketing or finding new collaborations with popular creators, our team can help you take your OnlyFans career to the next level.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

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