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How To Become a Pro at OnlyFans Sexting

How To Become a Pro at OnlyFans Sexting

There’s much more to OnlyFans than explicit images and videos. Sexting with your subscribers can be a lucrative way to generate more income on the platform, with many models getting in on the action. Former makeup artist Amber Sweetheart says she made $2 million from sexts on OnlyFans, earning her the nickname “Queen of Sexting.” 

So, how do you become a pro at OnlyFans sexting? How much can you charge for this delicious content? And how can a talent management agency help you grow your channel? Learn more in this guide. 

Why Is Sexting Important for Both Creators and Fans?

Sending sexy texts to subscribers is a great way to engage with your audience as an OnlyFans creator. Even though you are not in the same room as the people you are sexting, you can create an intimate experience that you and your fans will love. That can increase engagement on your channel and encourage followers to subscribe to your account for longer, resulting in more revenue. 

Sexts don’t require any physical intimacy, so this type of communication can make you feel sexually empowered from a safe space. You can explore your kinks with a fan without acting on them, which might improve your sexual confidence. Remember, you’re always in control of an OnlyFans sexting situation. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them to stop and end the conversation. You can also report users to the platform. 

For some models, sexting is an easier way to make money on OnlyFans than creating traditional content like videos and images. That’s because you can charge a premium for this one-on-one service, resulting in more cash. Some creators sext multiple subscribers at the same time, which can even be even more profitable. 

8 Tips To Sext on OnlyFans Like a Pro

Ready to start messaging your fans? Before you hit the send button, check out these sexting tips, which will help you master this skill.

1. Make Sure You Are Sexting the Right Type of Fan

Sexting on OnlyFans can be a daunting experience at first. You might be telling a stranger about your most intimate fantasies and exchanging dirty pictures and videos. Unfortunately, someone might screengrab your messages and post them elsewhere on the internet or, even worse, send your hottest content to your friends and family on social media. These are the type of people you shouldn’t be sexting with! 

That’s why you need to be careful about sending sexy texts on the platform. Look for any red flags at the beginning of a conversation, such as someone verbally abusing you or pressuring you to send sexual content. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t go any further. 

Although it’s difficult to determine the “right” person to sext with on OnlyFans, it’s a good idea to focus this communication on your regular clients – those who have subscribed to your channel for a while and engage with your main content. That’s not to say that long-term subscribers won’t have a hidden agenda. However, they are more likely to know about your sexual boundaries than a newbie, especially if they have watched a lot of your content. 

2. Get in the Right Head Space

OnlyFans sexting is like having sex for real, and sometimes you just won’t feel like doing it. You should always be in the right mood when communicating with fans in this way. Not only will you enjoy the process more, but your fans will see that you are into it as much as they are. If you’ve had a bad day or something’s on your mind, it’s probably not a good idea to be talking about sex with someone you don’t know! 

Nervous about sexting? Creating a comfortable space in your home can relax you. Lying on your bed or sofa, lighting a candle, and putting on some calming music can help you get in the right mood for some naughty talk and make you feel more comfortable about the whole process. 

3. Set Clear Boundaries Politely

It’s important to set boundaries with subscribers from the outset. Tell the person you’re communicating with about anything you don’t feel comfortable with, and ask them to do the same if you cross the line. That can result in a more enjoyable experience for both of you. For example, you can make it clear to someone you don’t want to exchange nudes, and that communication will strictly be text-based. 

You might want to include boundaries for sexting in your OnlyFans bio. Not only will this tell your audience that you offer this service, but fans will know what not to do during a conversation with you. 

4. Don’t Ever Start the Conversation With Nudes

Sending nudes straight off the bat is a bad idea. You’ll want subscribers to have several imaginative sexting sessions with you before you get to that point, resulting in more income. That’s if you want to send nudes at all. Sexting doesn’t always have to be “visual” and can just involve some sweet sexts. You decide what you’re comfortable with. 

If you have no problem with sending sexual pictures, work up that moment. You can tease subscribers by sending photos of different body parts at first. Then, as fans pay more money, you might want to send full nudes. 

5. Embrace Your Inner Storyteller

The best sexters are great storytellers, capable of articulating the sexiest situations through text. You don’t need to be an erotic fiction writer to get your fans going, but sharing stories with your fans can be more effective than just sending generic messages. 

For example, you can tell a sexting partner about a fantasy that turns you on or your most satisfying sexual experience with a partner. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar — just try to be as descriptive as possible. 

6. Keep Messages Brief but Interesting

You won’t always feel like writing lots of text or sharing elaborate stories. Some fans might not want this either. In these situations, send messages to subscribers that are short but still sexy. Subscribers might like the fact that you’re being evasive or not very chatty. For instance, you can tell a follower about what type of underwear you’re wearing that day, and leave it at that. 

7. Build Up an Alias if You’re an Anonymous OnlyFans Creator

Sexting involves communicating with subscribers outside of the OnlyFans platform, which comes with all kinds of risks. That can be even more difficult as an anonymous creator as you’ll have to share your phone number with people you don’t know. 

Solve this problem by creating an alias when people message you on OnlyFans about sext fun. Not only is this great for role play, but you can protect your identity. You can be whoever you want to be! You might also want to invest in a cheap burner phone to maintain anonymity. 

8. Chat With Your Subscriber Afterwards To Collect Feedback

It might sound silly, but sexting is an art. Knowing what to say to turn on your subscribers can take practice. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask your followers for feedback after a sexy text session. Find out if they enjoyed the experience and what you can do better next time. Not everyone will reply, especially if doing so ruins a fantasy. However, some fans will gladly help you improve your technique so you can become a better sexter in the future! 

Someone who wants to sext with you for a second time is perhaps the best type of feedback you can receive. Ideally, you’ll want to communicate with fans regularly to boost your income. 

How Much To Charge for Sexting on OnlyFans?

That all depends on demand. You could charge anywhere from $20-$100 per hour for your services at the beginning and then raise your prices as you generate more requests. However, it’s unlikely someone will want to sext for an entire hour, meaning you’ll need frequent clients to make any real income. 

Sexting might not even be that profitable at first. In fact, you could earn more money on OnlyFans by creating high-quality videos. However, once you’ve established connections with people, the cash could start rolling in. 

One way to raise revenue is to charge sexters more money for texts with photos and videos. Alternatively, you can accept requests from subscribers for custom content for a premium price. As you grow your OnlyFans channel and improve your sexting skills, you’ll quickly learn what methods work best for you. 

Ease Through the Ins and Outs of OnlyFans With Bluresca

Whatever services you provide, it can be difficult to establish yourself on OnlyFans. That’s why working with a talent management agency is a good idea. They can promote your channel across the internet and connect you with adult content creators, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality photos, videos, and other content for your fans. 

Bluresca is the OnlyFans agency that has your best interests in mind. The company works with some of the world’s most popular models and takes care of marketing, copyright protection, and content strategy. That way, you can unlock your full potential on the platform. 

Ready to start your OnlyFans journey? Contact Bluresca today!

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