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How To Find and Use OnlyFans Hashtags To Grow Your Account

How To Find and Use OnlyFans Hashtags To Grow Your Account

Hashtags are a great way to attract audiences across different social media platforms. Unfortunately, using too many hashtags or banned keywords could hurt your engagement. So, you should check out the best practices and word choices before you post. 

With the right strategy and niches, you can easily leverage your OnlyFans hashtags and grow your subscriber count

Why Should You Care About Hashtags as an Adult Content Creator?

Hashtags can significantly increase your online presence by reaching different audiences and improving your relevance in social media algorithms. Though you can include hashtags on almost any platform, they’re most effective on TikTok and Instagram. 

At a base level, hashtags let users access an index of all recent and popular posts in that category. Beyond that, most algorithms analyze posts using their captions, hashtags, engagement, and other content details. So, your hashtag choices will impact your online presence in multiple ways.

Increase Your Reach To Attract More Subscribers

Your Instagram posts may appear in users’ feeds if they follow any of your hashtags. Additionally, anyone who searches that hashtag may find your post under “Top posts” or “Recent top posts.” Depending on the specific hashtag and how popular your post is, you may even keep your content glued to the top of that hashtag index for years. 

This convenience makes hashtags excellent for reaching a broader audience across different social media platforms. For example, someone who is uncomfortable publicly following OnlyFans creators may use niche hashtags to find interesting content. Frequently posting with relevant hashtags could help you appear in this user’s searches and recommendations. 

Connect With Creators and Fans Who Have the Same Interests

Hashtags can help you narrow down millions of users to find your best audience. TikTok has over 600 million global users, though not everyone receives the same content on their feed. TikTok is known for having very specific corners, such as “FoodTok,” “DisneyTok,” and “GamerTok.” These niches can make it challenging to reach new audiences. OnlyFans hashtags for TikTok let you maneuver its algorithm and take advantage of various trends and interests. 

Help Algorithms Categorize Your Content Correctly

Most photos you post on Instagram will only reach your followers and those who follow or search your hashtags. However, the algorithm may recommend your Reels and short-form videos to users with similar interests. The hashtags you use on every post will help the algorithm categorize your niche and suggest your content to the most appropriate users. 

Adult Hashtags You Can Use and Where To Find More

OnlyFans hashtags can be one word or a keyword phrase, though shorter tags tend to work better. Unfortunately, hashtags such as “#OnlyFans” and “#models” are shadowbanned on multiple social media platforms. So, you’ll often need to use niche and trending hashtags to gain impressions. 

Examples of niche hashtags for NSFW content include:

  • #cosplay
  • #amateur
  • #fitness
  • #fitnessmotivation
  • #gamergirl
  • #influencer
  • #bbw
  • #sexy

Online hashtag generators are often useful tools for reaching broader audiences. They can provide relevant hashtags you may not have thought of and save you time during mass posts. However, some generators may recommend oversaturated or outdated hashtags, especially if many other content creators are using the same generator. So, keep an eye on your engagement and consider trying multiple generators. 

6 Tips To Use OnlyFans Hashtags for Growth

The right hashtags can tease potential subscribers and effectively market your exclusive content. However, OnlyFans creators must work around platforms’ algorithms, rules, and social norms to get their content noticed. 

1. Make Sure the Hashtags You Use Are Relevant for Your Content

Your hashtags should be popular but also applicable to your content. Consider your primary audiences, niche, and what’s most relevant to each post. You’ll likely use a few hashtags relevant to your page on almost every post, such as “#cosplay” or “#fitness.” However, certain posts, such as TikTok duets, may need specific hashtags based on their content. Take some time to read the hashtags similar content creators use to compile a few fitting ones for each post. 

An important part of this process is avoiding “banned” or “blacklisted” hashtags. These hashtags are usually related to NSFW content and can hurt your post’s impact on the Instagram algorithm. To check if a hashtag is safe to use, search for it in the Instagram app — if all recent posts are blocked, then it is blacklisted. 

Examples of OnlyFans hashtags to avoid include:

  • #onlyfans
  • #onlyfansgirl
  • #fitnessgirls
  • #girlsonly
  • #nudity
  • #lingerie
  • #feet
  • #single
  • #babe
  • #models
  • #curvy
  • #snapchat
  • #dm
  • #rate
  • #followforfollow
  • #tagsforlikes

2. Be Careful With Appearing Spammy

Hashtags are sometimes challenging to get right beyond your word choices. Though more hashtags can improve your discoverability, they can also make your posts appear less appealing and more sales-sy. 

The rules and status quo of social media hashtags vary across different platforms. Check out these OnlyFans hashtag guidelines:

  • Instagram: Instagram limits posts to 30 hashtags, though you should generally only use 3-5 relevant hashtags in your caption. Then, include all other relevant, trending, and sub-niche hashtags in the first comment as needed. You can use all 30 hashtags for a bigger impact, though sticking to 10-20 hashtags often appears less spammy. 
  • Facebook: Facebook users can’t click on or search with hashtags like they can on other apps. Similar to keywords, a few hashtags can still help your engagement, though you should keep them minimal and relevant. 
  • X/Twitter: You can only include up to 280 characters in each Tweet, which limits your captions and hashtags. You should generally use no more than two hashtags to keep your posts short and algorithm-friendly. 
  • TikTok: Hashtags largely define this app, categorizing many users’ feeds across different trends and interests. The app has no limit to your hashtag usage outside of its 2,200 character limit. However, sticking to 3-5 relevant hashtags will help your post appear clean and engaging. 
  • Tumblr: You can use up to 20 hashtags in your Tumblr posts, all of which can improve your discoverability and engagement. Tumblr’s hashtags are automatically shown in a lighter color, making them less distracting from your post. Many users even use extra hashtags for jokes and personalization, so have fun with your choices. 

3. Mix Popular Hashtags With Niche-Specific Ones

Balancing relevance with popularity can sometimes be tricky, so be careful not to use over-detailed or too broad hashtags. Try to include a reliable blend of relevant, niche, and trending hashtags to play the algorithm in multiple ways. This way, if some hashtags are too specific or oversaturated, users may still discover you from your other choices. 

For example, the hashtag “#queenofheartscosplay” has just over 5,000 posts on Instagram, so users likely don’t follow or search it often. Using the hashtags “#queenofhearts,” “#cosplay,” and “#aliceinwonderlandcosplay” will help you reach significantly more people. 

4. Leverage Viral Hashtags To Jump on Trends

Choosing hashtags based on the latest trends can make your posts stand out and reach subscribers on a much larger scale. However, you should generally keep them relevant to your content. So, using “#superbowl” during Super Bowl weekend lets you reach sports fans during one of their biggest events. However, your post may feel out of place if you don’t at least include a football. 

Planning your social media posts in advance will give you more time to prepare for holidays, seasons, and big releases to jump on trends. However, most Internet fads appear and disappear quickly. So, an effective hashtag strategy requires you to follow the latest trends and hop on them immediately for the largest impact. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on viral hashtags. Topics with millions of posts, such as “#pride” and “#christmas,” may be too oversaturated for you to have much of an impact. Though these hashtags are still beneficial to use, you should prioritize options related to your niche. 

5. Create Branded Hashtags To Increase Awareness

Unpopular or unused hashtags can still be used for your brand with an effective strategy. Returning to the earlier example, the hashtag “#queenofheartscosplay” wouldn’t be an ideal keyword if you only use it for a few posts. However, if your Instagram is themed after this particular cosplay, you could use this hashtag as an index for your branded content. 

Search your hashtag ideas on different platforms to see how popular they are. Don’t choose overused hashtags or keywords that could be confused with another brand, trend, or niche. Additionally, you must avoid explicit content against community guidelines to keep your branded hashtag from getting shadowbanned. 

6. Use OnlyFans-Related Hashtags To Promote on Other Social Media

OnlyFans hashtags for Instagram and other apps must be subtle yet specific to niches and interests. Effective hashtag usage will lead potential subscribers to your relevant links, especially if they know what to look for. 

Social media algorithms frequently change, and your strategy should, too. So, consider trying different sub-niches and emotional hashtags to see what works for your audiences. 

How Bluresca Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience Faster

Choosing the right OnlyFans hashtags and incorporating them into your posts is only one aspect of an effective content creator strategy. Bluresca’s team of experts stays atop the latest social media changes to help models maximize their reach. Contact Bluresca today to unlock your potential.

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