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How To Set Up Tips on OnlyFans

How To Set Up Tips on OnlyFans

As an OnlyFans creator, you’ll get 80% of your revenue from subscriptions. However, you can also make money from tips, which could provide another source of income. This article breaks down the tipping system, suggests how to set up tips on OnlyFans, and explains how you can further boost monetization with the help of an OnlyFans management agency.

OnlyFans Tipping System Explained

Tipping on OnlyFans works the same way it does in the real world. Subscribers can send you a cash bonus as a “thank you” or to support your channel. Depending on the generosity of your fans, you can generate extra income on the platform. 

Your subscribers can tip you up to $100 if you’ve been on OnlyFans for less than four months and up to $200 after that time frame. However, you’ll need to make five posts before you can receive any tips at all. To see tip amounts for individual posts, you’ll need to go to “Settings,” then “Privacy and safety,” and click “Show posts tips sum.” 

It’s important to note that, just like subscription revenue, OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of your tips. That means if someone sends you $10, you’ll end up with $8. Also, how you get paid on OnlyFans can impact your earnings. Some payment providers charge you to withdraw your earnings and tips.

Types of Content That Can Attract Tips

The easiest way for someone to tip you is to click the “Send a tip” button at the top of your profile. However, fans can show their appreciation for your work in other ways.


Each post you make on OnlyFans has an icon that lets subscribers send you tips. If someone enjoys a particular post update, they might send you money via this method. Creating more amazing content can additional tips, so post consistently and engage with your fans. You can also create posts explicitly asking for tips, perhaps in exchange for a reward such as exclusive content. 

Private Messages

Someone can send you a tip via direct message. Messages with tips appear at the top of your inbox, which is one of the reasons a subscriber might use this method. They might send you a comment alongside their tip to thank you for what you do. You can increase tips by asking your fans to send you direct messages.

Live Streams

Live streams are one of the best ways to attract tips because they let your fans view you in real time, which creates a sense of intimacy. You can always call out the names of people who tip you during your broadcast or thank them later. 

Benefits of Tipping for Content Creators and Fans

The concept of tipping is strange in some cultures, but it’s just a way for someone to thank you for your service. Receiving a tip, no matter the amount, should motivate you to continue making content on the platform. 

Tips are also a great way to top up your earnings on OnlyFans. Even if you don’t have a lot of subscriptions, you might have a loyal group of followers who appreciate what you do and want to support your channel. That extra cash might come in handy if OnlyFans’ algorithms don’t recommend your content to your target audience, which might prevent you from progressing on the website. 

Tips benefit subscribers, too. Tipping might help them feel closer to you and could give them satisfaction. Think about the last time you gave someone extra money for excellent service. It probably made you feel good. That’s why subscribers reward their favorite performers: They’re expressing their gratitude.

How To Start Monetizing Your Account Through Tips

Setting up a tip menu and executing a tipping strategy for adult content can lead to more monetization options for your channel. 

Set Up a Tip Menu for OnlyFans

An OnlyFans tip menu lists all the services you offer on your channel — and how much you expect subscribers to pay for them. For example, you can ask fans to pay $100 for a custom-made video, $200 for a phone call, or $300 for a video call. How much you request for these services is up to you.

Starting an OnlyFans tips menu is easy. Find a template for an OnlyFans banner online and list your services on it. You can then add the tip picture to your account. That way, fans know how much they can tip for extra content or one-to-one interactions. Subscribers can send you a tip via private message and ask you to fulfill a specific request. 

Implement a Tipping Strategy for Your Adult Content

There are various ways to increase the number of tips you generate on OnlyFans:

  • Post on a regular basis: The more high-quality content you post, the more likely you will receive tips. A future video or photo might encourage someone to send a large sum of money.
  • Connect with your fans: Establishing relationships with your subscribers can increase the likelihood of tips on OnlyFans. So, try to respond to personal messages, comments, and other interactions with fans. 
  • Promote your content: Posting links to your channel on social media can increase your exposure, resulting in more subscription revenue and tipping on OnlyFans.
  • Team up with other performers: Collaborating with other adult content creators can help you reach a new audience. The fans of another performer might check out your channel and subscribe. 

Boost Your OnlyFans Account Monetization With Bluresca

Bluresca is a full-service OnlyFans management agency based in Miami that can help produce and promote your channel, resulting in more revenue from monthly subscriptions and tips. Some of the world’s top OnlyFans models work with Bluresca to create high-quality content attracting more fans, leading to new monetization opportunities. 

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Unlock the potential of your account by learning how to set up tips on OnlyFans. Discover the benefits that tipping has for both content creators and fans.


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