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How To Start an OnlyFans Without Followers

How To Start an OnlyFans Without Followers

Many OnlyFans creators already had a sizeable fanbase before joining the platform, which made it pretty easy for them to grow a large subscriber base. However, you don’t need a huge following to be successful on this website. Or any followers at all, for that matter. By creating unique content and investing in your channel, you could attract more people to your OnlyFans account and start generating income. Learn how to do it below. 

Is Having Followers Essential To Start on OnlyFans?

You might think you need a large following on a social media platform before starting an OnlyFans. That’s because many celebrities, such as Bella Thorne and Denise Richards, joined this platform with pre-existing fanbases and quickly became successful creators. Don’t let that deter you. Many models started in your position and built a subscriber base without any followers. Now, they are earning huge amounts of revenue!

While it’s possible to build a popular channel without much of a presence on other websites, this process can be difficult. If you want to increase subscribers, you’ll need to put the work in and produce visual content that your target audience will love. Only then will you increase the number of people who follow you and become a powerful force on OnlyFans.

Working with an OnlyFans talent management agency is one way to expose your content to new audiences and increase subscribers. The right agency will unlock your potential on the platform and help you with marketing and production. 

6 Tips for Starting an OnlyFans Without a Previous Fan Base

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers on social media, you can still do well on OnlyFans. Here are tips for growing your channel from scratch. 

1. Begin by Creating a Low-Tier Subscription on OnlyFans

You can promote your new OnlyFans channel by offering a low-cost subscription, perhaps a monthly fee of $5. While this will initially limit your earnings on the platform, you can boost your following and increase your prices when you have more content subscribers. 

You might even want to offer free access to your OnlyFans channel while you grow your fanbase. Some users might not want to join your channel if they haven’t heard of you before, so a free sub will encourage them to sample your images and videos. If they like what they see, they could continue to subscribe to your channel when you raise your prices. 

2. Invest in Good Equipment To Produce Quality Content

The most popular content creators typically use high-quality cameras, microphones, and other equipment to create content with great image and audio quality. So, you might want to follow in their footsteps to attract more people to your channel. While this equipment requires an investment, you could make your money back when you start generating income from the platform. 

You don’t have to purchase anything super-expensive. Lots of audio and visual equipment will help you create OnlyFans content without a huge price tag. Mid-range digital cameras, for example, can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and produce high-quality images and videos. 

3. Define Your Goals and Passions To Find Your Niche

Trying to please everyone on OnlyFans won’t get you far. Instead, find a niche that turns you on and create content for a specific audience. Think about your passions and fantasies. If you have a particular kink, it’s likely thousands of other people have it, too, and you might want to base your channel around this fetish.

Defining reasonable goals for OnlyFans can also help you find a niche. For example, if you want to make a second income on the platform, create content around a common kink that interests you. That might be anything from S&M to a foot fetish. The more popular your niche, the more cash you’ll likely make on OnlyFans. 

4. Mine Followers in Subreddit Communities

Subreddits specializing in your sexual niche are a great place to find potential subscribers for your OnlyFans. For example, r/MuscleWorship caters to fans of muscular women, while r/Bondage attracts those who enjoy BDSM. Once you find the right subreddits, you can talk to people who will probably be interested in your content. You might also be able to post content previews and encourage people to subscribe to your OnlyFans channel.

Always follow a subreddit’s rules before posting a topic about your channel. Some communities might not let you upload your content or prohibit you from mining potential followers. 

5. Collaborate With Other OnlyFans Adult Content Creators

One of the best ways to start an OnlyFans without followers is to create content with more established performers on the platform. You can always send an OnlyFans creator a private message — you’ll need to subscribe to their channel first! — and see if they are willing to work with you on a video, either in person or via the internet. Getting a popular model’s attention can be difficult if you’re a newbie. But if you persevere, you might be able to enter into a collaboration that benefits both of your channels. 

Collaborations can be lucrative for your OnlyFans because you’ll be able to introduce yourself to a larger audience and encourage users to subscribe to your channel. Just make sure you trust your collaborator. If someone tries to take advantage of you or makes you feel uncomfortable, report them to OnlyFans. 

6. Consider Hiring Marketing Services To Promote Your Account

Because of the popularity of OnlyFans, many marketing agencies specialize in promoting models on the platform. That can lead to increased exposure and more subscriptions. If you take this route, you’ll want to work with a reputable agency that has your best interests in mind. A marketing company should recognize your talent and promote your OnlyFans content across social platforms, resulting in more eyes on your channel.

The right marketing agency can also organize collaborations with popular performers on OnlyFans. The best ones represent models with large fanbases, making it easier for you to connect with successful creators and create content for your channel. 

How Long Does It Take To Build a Follower Base From Scratch?

There’s no specific timeframe for building a large subscription base on OnlyFans without followers. The process might take weeks, months, or much longer. However, following the steps above could help you develop a fanbase quickly. 

There are other things that you can do to grow your channel when you become an OnlyFans creator. Take time to fill out your profile and explain who you are and what type of content you create. Users will likely read this text before deciding whether to subscribe to your channel, so you’ll want to be as detailed as possible. Also, pick a profile picture that represents your content. That can also increase subscriptions, allowing you to generate an income on the platform. 

Once you start building OnlyFans followers, it’s important to keep them subscribed to your channel. You can do that by communicating with fans via private messages, offering discounts and bundles, and constantly creating high-quality and exclusive content. People will continue to subscribe to your OnlyFans if you provide value.

Kick-Start Your OnlyFans and Start Monetizing With Bluresca

Knowing how to start an OnlyFans without followers can take time and patience. However, working with a talent management agency like Bluresca can help you build subscribers and generate more revenue. This agency can market your channel across the internet, support your content strategy, and ensure people don’t steal your images and videos and post them elsewhere on the web. 

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