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OnlyFans Menu: How To Set It Up, Tips and Ideas

OnlyFans Menu: How To Set It Up, Tips and Ideas

Creating an OnlyFans tip menu is one of the best ways to tell your audience about your channel and the services you offer. You can create a menu on a platform like Canva, even if you don’t have much graphic design experience, and post it on your profile. Doing so could result in more tips and help you develop long-lasting relationships with your fans. 

Get some OnlyFans tip menu ideas and strategies below and become a more successful model! You’ll also learn about the benefits of working with an OnlyFans partner to grow your channel. 

What Is an OnlyFans Menu?

An OnlyFans pricing menu, tip menu, or content menu is a list of all the services you offer on the platform in exchange for tips. It includes each service and how much it costs so that fans don’t have to message you for information about your prices. You can pin your tip menu at the top of your profile for increased exposure.

A tip menu might list services such as:

  • Custom videos
  • Fetish videos
  • Live streams
  • Video calls
  • Sexting
  • Direct messages
  • Voice chats

You can also advertise any merchandise you sell, such as used underwear. 

Creating a tip menu is pretty easy. You can use a platform like Canva or Photoshop to design your menu from scratch, download it onto your computer, and then upload it to your OnlyFans profile. Many tools have tip menu templates you can customize, which is useful if you’re not a graphic designer. If you use an OnlyFans menu template, choose a design that reflects your personality and channel. 

Menu Organization Tips

How adult content creators organize their content menu on OnlyFans is important. You’ll want to advertise all your services in a way that is easy to read so fans can quickly find the services that interest them. Here are some OnlyFans menu ideas and tips that will help you promote your offerings:

Have a Tiered Structure

Creating an OnlyFans price menu with a tiered structure makes it simple for fans to see your services. That means breaking down your menu items into different categories, with service offerings listed underneath. This type of structure is a good idea if you have multiple content types that you want to promote.

An enticing tip menu with a tiered structure might include the following categories: 

  • Exclusive Content
  • Video and Text
  • Specials

Under each title, you can list your services and OnlyFans menu prices. Here’s an example:

Exclusive Content

  • Custom video: $100 
  • Fetish video content: $200

Video and Text

  • Private messages: $10
  • Voice messages: $20
  • Video chats: $50


  • Used panties: $50
  • Meet in person: $1,000

Listing your services and prices in this way can result in a more streamlined and attractive tip menu. As a result, more fans might message you about your offerings. 

Include A la Carte Options

If you offer a la carte options on your menu, subscribers can purchase individual services separately rather than in bulk. For example, someone can pay $10 for a private message or $100 for a custom video. This option is a good idea for fans looking for specific explicit content items who don’t want to pay for services they don’t need. 

Bundles and Packages

You can also offer bundles and packages to fans, which include several services at a set price. For instance, you can provide a custom video and voice message for $100. This approach could result in more tips because fans feel like they’re getting a deal so they are willing to pay for more. 

Whether you offer a la carte options, bundles and packages, or both, clearly list your options and prices in your tip menu so there’s no confusion. 

Menu Content Tips

No matter the services you offer on OnlyFans, it’s important to make your tip menu as visually appealing as possible. It should stand out from the rest of your profile and encourage people to contact you. Here are a few tips for creating more effective menus:

Use Clear Descriptions

Make sure you advertise your services as clearly as possible. For example, “voice message” could mean different things to different subscribers, so you’ll want to accurately describe this service as best you can. How long will your voice message be? And how will you deliver it? A description like “30-second voice message sent to your phone number” removes any ambiguities. 

Of course, you won’t have much space on your menu to include every detail of every service. So try and create descriptions in as few words as possible without confusing your subscribers. Using bullet points might be a good idea here. Here’s an example:

Custom video: $100

  • 20-minute vid
  • Delivered within seven days
  • Personalized for you

Get Creative With Your Titles

How you describe your services can result in more tips, so try and create titles that evoke some kind of response in your fans. For example, instead of listing “custom video” as one of your services, try something like, “Custom video that will make you blow!” 

The right adjectives can also make your titles more attractive to your audience. Here are a few words you can use to make your tip menu more enticing:

  • Sexy
  • Dirty
  • Filthy 
  • Hot
  • Exclusive
  • Limited-edition

Use High-Quality Visuals

How you design your tip menu is up to you. However, you’ll want to create high-quality visuals that make an impact on your audience. That might mean using vibrant colors that grab attention or a font that catches the eye! You could even include an image of yourself on your tip menu, as well as the URLs of your social media profiles. That can be a great idea if your fans share your tip menu on Reddit and other communities. 

If using a design platform, remember to download your graphic in the highest possible resolution. Some tools might charge you more to do this, but it will be worth the investment. Poor-quality and low-resolution images might be difficult to read, especially on small mobile devices. 

Always Include a Call to Action

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a sentence or two that encourages subscribers to do something, such as contacting you to purchase a service. You can include a CTA at the bottom of your content menu for OnlyFans. Here are a couple of examples:

  • DM me now to access these services. You won’t regret it!
  • Send me a message and tell me what you want! I’m waiting to hear from you.

Think up a CTA that stops your subscribers in their tracks. Otherwise, they might just scroll down your page. 

Still need some menu ideas and menu examples? Check out your favorite content adult creators and see how they advertise their services. 

Tips for Promotions and Updates

Don’t set your tip menu in stone! You’ll almost certainly want to add new services, remove content types, and change prices as you grow your channel. So keep a copy of your original menu design and edit it as you go. The best design tools will let you make changes to your graphic with a few clicks of a mouse. You can then download your edited menu and upload it to your profile. 

A great time to create a new OnlyFans tip menu is when you’re having a promotion. You can include reduced prices in your menu and post it on your channel when you want to generate more interest in your content. Alternatively, you can design menus for different times of the year, such as the holiday season. That will keep your profile looking up-to-date and encourage your fans to check back regularly to peruse your new offerings.

Creative Ideas for Keeping Content Fresh

One of the best ways to maintain your subscriber base is to add brand-new content and services over time. That will keep your fans engaged and encourage them to come back for more! For example, you might want to offer sexting in the future to generate more fans with a personalized experience. 

Make sure you are highlighting new content at the top of your tip menu so your fans don’t miss it. For instance, if you introduce custom videos, add them to your menu next to the word, “New!” 

Don’t forget to post profile updates when you add additional content types to your channel. The more people who know about your offerings, the better! 

Achieve Success With the Perfect OnlyFans Partner

Creating an attractive and informative tip menu is just one part of becoming a successful OnlyFans creator. You’ll need to think about how to promote your channel, come up with new content ideas, and prevent people from stealing your content. Working with an OnlyFans partner can help you achieve success. 

Bluresca lets you unlock your potential on this platform with its full-service talent management and digital marketing solutions. As one of the leading OnlyFans agencies, it can connect your channel with users, help your socials grow, and guide you toward prosperity. Bluresca also takes care of management, production, and anti-piracy.

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