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7 OnlyFans Posting Rules You Should Know of as a Creator

7 OnlyFans Posting Rules You Should Know of as a Creator

OnlyFans has strict policies that prohibit you from posting certain types of content. Breaking these community guidelines could lead to an account suspension or ban, impacting your ability to use the website. Knowing OnlyFans posting rules can keep your content up and running and maintain your reputation on the platform.

What Happens if You Don’t Follow OnlyFans Community Guidelines?

OnlyFans’ community guidelines outline specific terms and guidance for using the website, and not following these rules can lead to serious repercussions. For example, the company can temporarily suspend or permanently ban your account if you don’t comply with its terms of service and acceptable use policy. 

If OnlyFans pauses or terminates your account, it will let you know by email. It will also withhold all or any part of earnings you generate from the platform you haven’t yet received. 

You also won’t be able to access your posted content if OnlyFans closes your account. The company says that it can delete your images and videos after removing you from the platform. If you didn’t back up your content somewhere else, there might be no way to access it after a ban. 

Top 7 OnlyFans Posting Rules Every Content Creator Should Know

So how can you prevent all of the above from happening? While it’s nearly impossible to remember every single posting rule on OnlyFans, knowing the platform’s most important guidelines can keep your account in good standing. 

1. Don’t Use Explicit Photos As Profile or Cover Pics

It might seem odd that OnlyFans — primarily an adult content subscription platform — doesn’t allow you to use an explicit photo as your profile or banner image. However, there could be a reason for this guideline. Profile and cover pics are public-facing, meaning anyone can see them, even if they haven’t signed up for an OnlyFans account. Registered users can only view sexual content if they subscribe to your channel. 

While you can only use “safe-for-work” images for your profile and banner pics, you don’t have to post boring headshots. Many OnlyFans creators pose in their underwear or tight clothing, so users can see their bodies. So create imagery that turns people on without revealing too much!

Remember, your profile and banner images should reflect your type of content on OnlyFans so potential subscribers know what to expect from your channel. For example, someone specializing in BDSM content might hold a whip or chain in an image, while a bodybuilder creating muscle worship content might flex their biceps. 

2. Avoid Using Your Account for Illegal Activities

Using your OnlyFans account for illegal activity could lead to a suspension or ban. The company can also share information about any suspected or alleged crimes with law enforcement, according to its terms of service. 

Some of the things that can get you banned on OnlyFans include:

  • Advertising or facilitating illegal gambling 
  • Creating OnlyFans accounts to sell them
  • Featuring underage performers in your images and videos
  • Committing fraud
  • Harassing other users

Depending on your jurisdiction, not all prohibited activities on OnlyFans are illegal. For example, promoting escort services on your channel can result in a ban from the platform, even though escorting is legal in some states — as long as a person provides companionship and doesn’t engage in physical contact. Still, you need to abide by all rules regarding OnlyFans illegal content if you want to continue to use this website. 

3. Pay Attention to OnlyFans Collaboration Policies

Creating sexy content with other OnlyFans models can be a great way to promote your channel to a new audience. However, the website has strict content policies for collaborations that you should know about if you want to avoid a suspension or ban. Here are the main ones:

  • Always tag a collaborator’s OnlyFans account in the post that features them.
  • If someone you want to work with doesn’t have an OnlyFans, you need to provide the platform with a copy of their photo ID and a model release form before posting your shared content.
  • The majority of your shared content should focus on you because you have already passed OnlyFans’ verification requirements.

4. Don’t Download Content Without the Creator’s Approval

OnlyFans’ terms of service state that users can’t download or attempt to download images and videos that belong to another user. The only exception to this strict policy is asking an OnlyFans content creator for permission to download their work. You can do this by sending them a direct message on the platform, though many performers will say no. 

In addition, the OnlyFans screenshot policy forbids you from publishing screengrabs from a creator’s videos. 

Downloading content without a performer’s approval can be a serious breach of OnlyFans’ rules. Of course, that doesn’t stop some people from posting OnlyFans video downloads, images, and screenshots online and later regretting it when they land in hot water. 

5. Ensure All Adult Content Is Created Consensually

When creating adult content, everyone involved must provide informed consent for you to share it on your OnlyFans. Not getting someone’s permission can increase the chances of a suspension or ban. 

OnlyFans has a whole procedure for dealing with complaints of lack of consent, which is outlined in its terms of service. The company will investigate any complaint within seven business days and remove unlawful, non-consensual, or inappropriate content. 

It might be a good idea to ask everyone who appears in your images and videos to sign a release form. That way, you can prove you obtained consent if someone complains about your content. 

6. Familiarize Yourself With OnlyFans Restricted Words

OnlyFans hasn’t given a reason for this rule, but there are certain words and phrases you can’t use in your content. Here are some terms you should refrain from using in messages, captions, and profile descriptions:

  • Abduct, abducting
  • Drink, drinking, alcohol
  • Genital mutilation
  • Jailbait
  • Sex trafficking
  • Kidnap, kidnapping
  • Fist, fisting, fisted
  • Molest, molesting
  • Pedo, pedophile
  • Sexual assault
  • Defecate, defecates
  • Urine, urinates
  • Rape, raping, rapist
  • Minor, minors, child exploitation
  • Torture, torturing

Instead, focus on terms that can increase sign-ups to your channel, such as:

  • Exclusive content
  • Custom content
  • Premium access
  • High-quality content

Get a full list of words you should include in your OnlyFans profile. 

7. Make Sure You Never Post Underage Content

Posting content featuring minors is a huge no-no and can lead to an instant ban on OnlyFans, as well as legal action. That’s because this website is primarily designed for adult content, and users must be 18 years or older. 

If you want to work with a younger performer who doesn’t have an OnlyFans, always ask to see their photo ID before you go any further. However, it might be safer to collaborate with an OnlyFans model who has already undergone the website’s age verification process.

How Bluresca Can Help You Ensure Your Account’s Compliance

Navigating OnlyFans’ many content rules and regulations can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the platform. Consider working with an OnlyFans talent management agency that can help you comply with content guidelines and prevent your account from getting shut down. Experienced professionals can ensure you adhere to all policies when creating adult images and videos on this website.

Bluresca is a talent management agency that takes care of OnlyFans compliance, so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating explicit content that your audience loves! The company also can help you with social media platform marketing, account maintenance, and copyright protection.

Unlock your full potential on OnlyFans today. Contact Bluresca now, or apply to become a model


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