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Faceless OnlyFans: Can You Be Successful While Anonymous?

Faceless OnlyFans: Can You Be Successful While Anonymous?

OnlyFans can be an awesome way to explore your sexual fantasies and make money in the process. However, the risks of creating dirty content are obvious. What if a family member or an employer sees your videos? What if someone posts your content elsewhere on the internet? 

Not wanting to show your face on your OnlyFans for privacy reasons is reasonable. The good news is you can stay anonymous on the platform and still build a successful channel. Plenty of faceless OnlyFans creators can make good money. With these tips, you can retain your anonymity, know what to do if someone discovers your identity, and learn how an OF talent management agency can help grow your account.  

Are There Successful Faceless OnlyFans Content Creators?

It’s entirely possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Many creators remain completely anonymous on the platform and earn big bucks. For example, The Masked Bodybuilder specializes in muscle worship content and has created over 270 videos on the platform. To this day, he has never revealed his face.  

It’s almost impossible to know exactly how much cash models make without them revealing this information. However, some faceless creators have exposed their OnlyFans earnings on Reddit. 

In one Reddit thread, one user said they stayed anonymous on the platform for several years and entered the 0.07% of creators in monthly revenue. They also concealed their identity on PornHub and ManyVids. Another Redditor, who specializes in specific niche and kink content, said they were able to make $6,000 a month by staying faceless. 

It’s difficult to verify these claims from OnlyFans anonymous creators. However, it’s feasible that some models generate significant income with a no-face OnlyFans. The only way to gauge earning potential is to create anonymous content on the platform yourself. 

How To Grow and Monetize OnlyFans While Remaining Anonymous

Staying private on OnlyFans requires some planning. Here are several ways to grow and make money from your channel without people discovering who you are.

Hide Any Identifiable Marks Like Scars and Tattoos

Scars, tattoos, birthmarks, and other identifiable marks on your body might give away your identity. Try to hide them as best you can. Body makeup, such as concealers, might disguise your distinctive features. While it can take time to hide these marks completely, using these products will help make it so people are unable to identify you.

You can also identify marks with clothing when creating an OnlyFans without a face. For example, wearing a scarf can hide neck or shoulder tattoos. Try flesh-colored tattoo sleeves to cover any marks on your arms. Filming content in dark light will make it less obvious that you’re wearing these items. 

Of course, you can always airbrush your marks from images using photo editing software. This will take time but can allow you to continue posting content anonymously.

Don’t Give Away Your Identity With Your Video Background

Filming faceless content at home can sometimes reveal where you live. For example, if a friend stumbles across your content, they may recognize your home in your videos. Viewers can also find your location if you record content by a window that overlooks a recognizable skyline. 

Also, be wary of reflective surfaces like mirrors. These might catch the back of your head or the side of your face, revealing your identity. 

One option to avoid these issues is to film content in front of a green screen and then apply a fake background. Alternatively, you can use video editing software to blur your surroundings.

Pick an Alias and Optimize Your Profile

Whether or not you show your face on OnlyFans, using an alias for your profile is always a good idea. That prevents people from knowing your real name. Think of a good one that reflects the type of high-quality content you create. Include it in your profile description, channel name, and elsewhere on OnlyFans. Also, use keywords matching your alias

As long as you sign up for OnlyFans with your real name, the platform will have no problem with you using an alias, and it will never share your name with other users. 

Monetize Niches That Help Keep Your Identity a Secret

Many OF users have fetishes for different body parts, meaning it doesn’t matter to them if you show your face or not. Think about all the foot fetish content out there. Some anonymous OnlyFans creators built successful channels by only sharing feet pics and videos. The same goes for some bodybuilder worship content. 

You could also wear a mask in images and videos. That can create an air of mystery about your identity and even turn on some users. 

Create Audio Instead of Video Adult Content

Some people get sexually excited by what they hear rather than what they see. So consider creating audio content instead of images and videos. Or turn your videos into MP3 files and then upload them to OnlyFans. 

EroticAudio is an example of an anonymous OnlyFans channel that only uploads audio clips. Subscribers can even get custom recordings based on their kinks.

One of the best ways to make money on OnlyFans is to offer premium services like phone sex. By having erotic conversations with followers on the phone, you won’t have to reveal your face. However, it’s a good idea to invest in a burner phone when communicating with fans outside the OnlyFans platform. That keeps this part of your personal life separate. 

Compensate Lack of Face in Content With Avatars

Knowing what you look like can help OnlyFans users engage with your images and video content on a deeper level. But if you want to stay anonymous, that isn’t possible. One option to consider posting an avatar as your profile picture or your banner image. Try something that reflects the kind of content you want to make.

Of course, you can choose to have this electronic image reflect you in some way. Your avatar can have a similar hairstyle to yours, for example. This will still help users form a mental image while maintaining your privacy. On the other hand, you can make an avatar that doesn’t resemble you at all. Use it to develop a character based on your alias and lean into that character as part of your marketing.

Block Traffic From Your Country of Residence

One way to stop friends, family, and co-workers from coming across your videos is to block traffic to your profile in your country. For example, if you live in the United States, it’s easy to only allow traffic from the rest of the world. That might limit your earning potential, but it also will increase your chances of staying anonymous on OnlyFans.

This process is relatively easy. Log into your OF, head to your account settings, and click Security and Privacy. Here, you can block any geographical area from viewing your account. 

Make the Most out of Creative Camera Angles

Experiment with different camera perspectives to protect your identity. For instance, you can position your camera from below to only show your body, not your face. Alternatively, film yourself in the mirror from the neck down. 

Recording your body without revealing your face can be difficult. You could ask someone to do it for you, or you can spend time cropping your face out of your videos with editing software. 

Hiding your face when recording a video is more challenging than taking a photo. Instead of recording videos, you could upload images to your secret OnlyFans channel instead. This may be a slightly less lucrative path, but you’re still creating explicit content for your followers and profiting from the platform. For extra cash, you could offer fans custom images and other exclusive content at a premium price. 

What Can You Do if a Fan Discovers Your Identity?

If someone finds out who you are after watching one of your videos, there’s not a lot you can do — unless they threaten or try to blackmail you. If that happens, contact OnlyFans support immediately or go to the police. You can also block the user.

Users might message you saying they can see your face in a video or recognize your body because they follow your social media platforms. In these scenarios, ask them not to reveal your identity to anyone else or share it on their social media accounts. If they are a true fan, they should respect your privacy. 

You can always explain why you want to remain anonymous in your profile description. Doing so will help your followers understand your privacy concerns.  Then they can message you if they notice something in your videos that gives away your identity, such as your reflection appearing in a mirror. 

Mold Your OnlyFans to Your Specific Needs With Bluresca

OnlyFans can be an excellent platform for posting anonymous adult-oriented content, allowing you to make money on the side without showing your face. However, you need a reputable OnlyFans talent management agency on your side to increase your fanbase.

Bluresca can promote and manage your OnlyFans channel based on your specific needs and goals, allowing you to unlock your full potential on the platform. The company specializes in marketing, production, and copyright protection and can help you create incredible content for your subscribers. 

Start your journey as a faceless model today with Bluresca! Contact us to learn how you can start making money on OnlyFans, or apply to become one of our models.

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